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Asian man experiencing back pain from long hours at desk, addressing work-related strain and discomfort

Senior man feeling pain in knee. Fitness trainer massaging injured leg to elderly man at gym. Sport accident concept.

Girl with pain in knee joint sport workout. Muscle soreness after workout. Sports injury concept.

4k Asian female hand doing leg massage, sit down on gray sofa at home, home treatment, lower body discomfort, human hand finger, calf pain, relaxation after tiring day, tight shot. light skin

4k Asian woman having neck pain, neck massage, view from behind, sit down on gray sofa at home, self massage treatment, muscle pain, office syndrome, tiring exhausted day, relief stress, light skin

Doctor massaging patient injured leg. Girl injured her knee during sport workout indoors. Sports injury concept.

Female physiotherapist palpating neck and shoulder of shirtless male patient while diagnosing sore muscles on medical consultation in clinic

Asian woman self-massaging neck and shoulder, close-up in living room, office relief, tight shot

Woman suffering from shoulder pain and looking tired

Woman struggling with neck pain while standing in a blue background. Person experiencing stiff body due to stress and pressure

Man athlete has knee injury. Fitness trainer helps to man with injured knee at sport activity. Therapist applying ointment cream on male leg. Training and medical concept.

close-up shot of a bare-chested athlete stretching his chest muscles with the help of a special massager. Muscle massage after workout

Girl showing right shoulder pain

Male hands massaging female knee. Girl with pain in knee joint sport workout. Sport accident concept.

4k Asian woman massaging her calf muscle, sit down on gray sofa at home self legs massage, lower section body part, model wearing shorts, calf pain, relaxation after tiring day, tight shot. light skin

4k Young woman giving herself a neck and shoulder massage, closeup, sitting on gray sofa at home, self-care, office syndrome, close up shot. Dark-haired model, warm lighting.

Young woman with back pain, isolated on blue background. Asian female experiencing muscle spasms, nerve discomfort, kidney issues