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Tram and Figures in Miniature City, Kolejkowo, Wroclaw

Architecture design studio with plastic and wood model and mock-up of new building. View of miniature house interior with furniture

Claymation Construction


Man building plastic model of car in room at table according to drawings and instructions. Wide shot view

Figures of family members talking and enjoying time together. Man sitting on bench while people standing on blue sand shimmering under grey

A model locomotive steam engine crosses a bridge against the backdrop of a blue sky

Miniature candy, Mexican food, and sugar sweets used as offerings for Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro Mexico

Model train with steam going through railway station. Miniature of railway station.


Close up view of person Cutting off pieces plastic model airplane with nippers.

Toy locomotive moving through model train station. Model of vintage train with wagons driving on railroad. Blurred Christmas tree in the background.

Model train coming out from tunnel. Electric model train on miniature train track going through mountain tunnel. Railway modelling.

Architecture design studio with plastic model and mock-up of new building. View of city park and female hand holding tree with glue

Saint Petersburg, Russia - June 30, 2021: Grand Maket - huge copy of the entire territory of Russia. Amazingly detailed replica of all regions of Russia. Popular tourist spot

Young individuals building innovative home with sustainable materials at a table


Man painting of airbrush on plastic model of car. Hobby time

Miniaturized bright-colored buildings with red roofs on the streets of Prague

HELSINKI, FINLAND - APRIL 22, 2017: A great miniature model of the ship floats in an artificial pond. The annual fair Model Expo in Expo center Messukeskus

"Helsinki, Finland - July 29, 2017: Youth engage in table miniature military role-playing game. Exhibition ROPECON showcases tabletop, live-action, card role-playing games, miniature war, and board"


One Small Boy Playing With Toy Soldiers Child Plays At Home With Tiny Combat Figurines

Toy diesel locomotive moving through model railway station. Toy trains for children. Play with fun.

Figure of man with briefcase walking in desert with shimmering blue sand under grey sky. Male person in yellow coat standing near sandy hill

Crop view of man showing basic idea of solar panels work set on top of manufacture miniature model with use of lamplight

Miniature of railway station with moving train. Toy locomotive with wagons moving through model station.

Freight Steam Train Crossing Bridge: Vintage Toy Train on Model Railroad

Colorful Sun Conure Bird Portrait


Happy Little Boy playing with toy soldiers on Couch close up


Side footage of male wind power engineer sitting at table during online conference on laptop and presenting new model of wind turbine to partners in office with blueprints on wall

Model of the railway station with track displaying in park on sunny day. Miniature train toy going down the railway. Replica of the train.

asian tropical garden, Vietnam

Taken from a drone a large herd of cows in a paddock.


Close Up Of Child Hands Playing With Miniature Figurines One Imaginative Small Kid Plays With Toy Soldiers By Himself

Footage of a green paper house turning on its axis.

Slow Motion Army Men Battle 2

Tilt shift timelapse of a busy street in Jakarta

The Movement of Vehicles on the Road India


Man plastic model of car in room at table according to drawings and instructions. Close up

Remote control car kicking up dust slow motion

Miniature Wonder: Macro Close-Up of Newborn Baby's Tiny Hand in Detail

Model House in Woman Hands

Aerial view of the small village on the green shores of the fjord.

Miniature city model .Miniature Details Architecture Model 3D

Transparent front door of glamping house. Miniature kitchen seen through front door of rental cottage in forest area. Ideal place for nature

Toy diesel locomotive leaving the station. Miniature passenger train moving on mini railroad. Miniature of railway station.


City Streets of Brooklyn New York at night 4k

Model vintage train moving through bridge. Blue electric locomotive driving on rail tracks. Steam and diesel trains on the model railway.

A flock of sheep is herded from the field to the barn


A white Pomeranian Spitz sits restlessly on a white blanket in the bedroom on the bed.