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Two minarets of mosque in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Aerial Drone Shot Overhead View Islamic Muslim Ottoman Mosque the Anatolian Historical Building. Afyon City of Turkey

Aerial view old Cairo cityscape with Citadel and Alabaster mosque background on hill top. Egyptian heritage sites and sightseeing


Minarets and dome of Fatima Masumeh Shrine in Qom, Iran. Every year, hundred of thousands of Shia Muslims travel to Qom to honor Fatima Masumeh and ask her for blessings

The minaret of Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco, North Africa

Aerial view of Ayasofya or Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. 4K Footage in Turkey

Bottom view of beautiful minaret of Muslim white temple. Scene. Beautiful white temple of Islamic religion. White temple with minaret, blue

Aerial drone islamic historical mosque dome Afyon Turkey. High quality footage

Large islamic Mosque with golden turrets in an muslim city

Minaret Muslim Muslims Mosque Holy Building Prayer Architecture during Ramadan Malaysia Time Lapse

Aerial view of illuminated Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattam Mosque in Dubai, UAE.


Pan left to Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque's minaret in Baghdad, Iraq.

Aerial shot of Balikligol landscape and old cultural mosque in Sanliurfa, Turkey, people visiting historical Ibrahim Pool or Holy, historical place

The Islam symbol against the background of the sun. Time lapse

The Mosque of Constanta - ELS


Faisal Masjid in Islamabad at twilight Prayers gathered in largest Mosque in Pakistan to eat Iftari, Ramazan, Aerial

Jama Masjid Delhi India 02 Muslim Praying Sholat

Sultanahmet Camii in Istanbul. Time Lapse

Drone view of Pocitelj Castle, ancient castle built on the hillside, old-fashioned pillars and historical castle made of stones

Aerial Drone shot of Medrese in MARDIN city. The old city in Mezopotamia Located on the Slope of Mountain in Eastern Turkey

Slow rise above Dolmabache Mosque's dome and minaret

Mosque - minaret - silhouette at sunset

Islamic Muslim Yeni Valide Mosque Uskudar of Istanbul aerial view, the view of the minarets of the historical mosque built in the middle of the city

Medina Marrakesh, Morocco Old Town Cityscape and Minaret de la Koutoubia during Sunset

A religious concept of heavenly rays-of-light over the Taj Mahal in India.

Snowy view of mosque and townhouse layout in winter, houses covered with snow, aerial view minarets clad in white

View of the Aqaba city and gulf of Aqaba in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Eilat city in Israel at the distance. View from mountain in Aqaba city, Jordan. Two city and two country in one video clip

Casablanca, Morocco, 2023: Mosquée Hassan II Mosque, Moorish Architectural Details

Aerial view of Sri Sendayan Mosque in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia in the morning.

Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world, Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa

View of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Asia

Istanbul, Turkey - 23 Sept 2018: Capturing the stunning sunset view from Galata Bridge

El Sahaba Mosque in old market in Sharm El Sheikh city in Egypt

Great Mosque Of Mardin With Single Minaret Drone

Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple Amritsar Sikh 06

Time lapse panoramic view of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The third biggest mosque in the world. Orange purple sunset fire sky over the mosque.

The old and abandoned sandstone architecture of a Persian city surrounded by its defensive wall which was built as fortification to protect the city from the outside.


Mosque Pride of Muslims named after the Prophet Muhammad in Shali, Chechen Republic, Russia. Drone view. The largest mosque in Europe next

Mosque building - timelapse

Taj Mahal Minaret Morning Blue Sky 01 Agra Uttar Pradesh India

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - 2013: Tilt down from a mosque to a harbor. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the country's economic, cultural, and historical heart

Tilt From Top Of A Tower To The Bottom


Faisal Masjid in Islamabad at twilight Prayers gathered in largest Mosque in Pakistan to eat Iftari, Ramazan, Aerial

Taj Mahal Morning Sunrise 02 Agra Uttar Pradesh India Twilight Dusk

The Dome of the Rock towers over the Old City of Jerusalem at night.

Aerial view of prayer during Eid al-Fitr at Jama Masjid in Delhi.


Footage of a mosque at sunrise and a seagull flying by

Drone view of the mausoleum in the courtyard of the Alaca Mosque in the city center of Tetovo, religious shrine and people