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Mime does perfomance in the park

Expressive mime shows acting skills on black background

Funny mime is crooking on camera in the park


Female mime artist with wearing stage costume and makeup showing comedy performance on camera in theatre dressing room

Man and woman mime play their facial expressions

Mimes walk like crabs at the park

Mimes crooking face in funny ways

Medium closeup with slowmo of fascinated mature female mime artist with tear makeup looking at soap bubbles flying in air on dark stage with spotlight

Charming mime meets adorable mime in urban setting

Actor practices facial expressions in mirror


Female mime artist acting like photographer while performing comedy show on stage

Pensive old clown sits in dressing room smoking cigarette

Funny comic mimes show performance on street

Actor stretches facial muscles preparing for show in circus

Three mimes have fun standing near office center

Frustrated mime with tousled hair sits looking in camera


Hilarious female mime artist showing weightlifting exercises with flower toy while standing on stage in spotlight and performing improvised comedy

Friendly mime gives his partner a warm beverage

Mime in red beret and stripped shirt show two signs okey on camera

Chest up slowmo of adult female mime actress with tear black-and-white makeup bursting soap bubbles with white gloved finger while making performance on black background


Female mime artist wearing French costume standing under spotlight on stage, holding flower toy, looking at camera flirtatiously and blowing kiss

Woman mime paint her lips in front of invisible mirror

Mime practices acting against mirror in dressing room

Clown stretches facial muscles with hands for better acting

Clown sits against mirror practicing acting for performance

Four mimes imitate drive car

Actor opens cans with paint preparing cosmetics for makeup

Mime stretches facial muscles at table against mirror

mime shows different emotions with his hands and face

Three mimes imitate to turn camera


Female mime artist with stage makeup wearing red beret looking in mirror and brushing wig in dressing room

Two mimes push their colleague away

Expressive Mime: Delightful Gestures and Facial Expressions

mime with a white make-up on her face shows different emotions

Mime gets up from table in dressing room walking away

Cheerful clown practices acting skills behind scene

Astonished mime artist looking at something interesting with handmade binoculars

Girl mime shouting on her boyfriend


Emotional mime artist portraying sadness and desperation while giving comedy performance on stage

Mimes dance with stilts at the street

Actor sits at table against mirror looking at reflection

Mime in costume with theatrical makeup stands against mirror

Young child mimics applying red lipstick

Mime practices facial expressions on dark backdrop

Professional actor feels exhausted sitting against mirror


Mime actress looking at her reflection in mirror and practicing angry emotions while preparing for performance in dressing room

Happy mime couple dancing over pink background

Mimes in front of camera