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A clock showing midnight with the second hand counting down with classic ticking sound.

moon light. full moon. time lapse. night sky

Moon behind the clouds at night close up.Night shot of cloudy weather and fool moon bright in the sky.

Extreme close-up view of clock at the last 3 seconds to midnight.

Time-lapse of full moon between trees in a dark cloudy night

Night landscape of sky with clouds and full moon behind silhouette of tree branch, 4k


A captivating aerial view of a large oil refinery at night, showcasing the industrial and urban landscape. The glowing lights and steam

close up of walking feets in dark spooky night. police crime observation. criminal drug dealer

Ten Minutes to Midnight. Time lapse animation of an office wall clock approaching midnight. Doomsday concept.


A lone tree casts a hauntingly beautiful shadow against the darkened landscape at full moon, time lapse


Man with torch walking at midnight on path through darkness

The man stands on the top of building on the night cityscape background

A person approaches a wooden gate with spotlights on the sides, holding a jacket. View from behind. Slow motion.

Moonrise - Night Sky with Dark Moody Clouds, foliage and full Moon

close up of walking feets in dark spooky night. police crime observation. criminal drug dealer

The male standing on a night mountain with a cloud stream. time lapse


At midnight, the city skyline glows with countless litup buildings, creating a magical atmosphere against the dark sky dotted with clouds

New Year's clock shows midnight

full moon time lapse. night sky

The woman and man walking through the smoke cloud in a dark background

Young woman in bath robe relaxing in geo dome of glamping holding cup of coffee in hands


Moon behind tree branches in the Spring night - focus


Full moon shining through clouds in night sky, a celestial event at midnight

establishment shot new york city skyline. urban business district

Full moon in the night sky among the clouds.

Long telephoto shot capturing half of a moon moving slowly in a dark sky

The blurred picture of night city lights

Garden of Gethsemane at night - tilt down

Old medieval castle at night with a crow in foreground


Portrait of young African American woman in glasses wearing a black jacket waiting at railway station

Aerial footage captures the city lights of a neighborhood at night

Big full moon at night reflecting on the water. Alpha channel moonlight bright sea reflection. Clear big distinct moon glowing over the ocean in eerie night scene.

A Couple Embracing in a Serene Night Park

Night city high rise apartments time lapse loop. Chinese crowded city with lights turning on and off at midnight. Fast paced modern Asian night-scape time lapse in urban metropolis.

Adorable face of a dark-colored cat

Mystical Moon Night Sky Scenery of Illuminated Cosmos and Moonshine Light


Silhouettes of trees against street lights in foggy weather at night

POV walking down pitch black scary path at night. At midnight, finding a way to escape the dangerous area down a deserted overgrown scary footpath with ghosts and monsters lurking.

Lunar Time Lapse with Clouds - bright night

Big moon illuminates the mountains and the sea


Cars crossing along a dark street at night in heavy fog


The sky is illuminated by the full moon shining through the leaves at midnight


Young beautiful african woman walking on city street at night

Red full moon rising from behind a large oil refinery


Wide footage of night street and silhouette of a house at night with heavy fog


Two bats silhouetted against the full moon in the night sky


A man holding a torch in the dark woods at midnight, illuminating the landscape