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Breath taking hyper lapse shot large city at sunset. Colourful sky above modern high rise buildings on sea coast. Miami, USA

MIAMI BEACH, USA - NOVEMBER 17, 2018: Cyclists and Pedestrians on Walkway in Lummus Park. Cruise Ship. Medium Shot

Driving POV rush hour traffic over Biscayne Bay toward downtown Miami Florida, April 2023

Miami FL, USA April 2023: Driving POV rush hour traffic on MacArthur Causeway in Biscayne Bay

Row of multistorey residential buildings along sea coast in tropical destination. Aerial view of sandy beach. Miami, USA

MIAMI BEACH, USA - NOVEMBER 18, 2018: Tourists in Winwood District at Sunny Day

Forwards fly above row of tall buildings on seaside. Hyperlapse shot of hotels or apartment buildings along multilane road at dusk. Miami, USA

During sunset in Orlando, Florida, a close-up shot captures the traffic close to International Drive, with heat waves visible

Spectacular panoramic footage of city against colourful twilight sky. Aerial view of downtown skyscraper silhouettes. Miami, USA

Miami Metromover Timelapse at night (4K)

Miami Beach Sidewalk Timelapse

MIAMI BEACH, USA - NOVEMBER 15, 2018: South Beach with People, Sea and Cityscape

Birds eye view of futuristic urban borough with tall buildings and skyscrapers. Multilane road bridge above turquoise water in river. Miami, USA

Forwards fly above luxury vacation resort. Row of multistorey buildings, apartment houses and hotels. Miami, USA

Forwards fly above vacation resort in tropical destination. Revealing skyline with skyscraper silhouettes against sunset sky in distance. Miami, USA

Miami, USA: Futuristic city borough with modern high rise buildings and automatic passenger transport rail vehicle. Metromover stopping at station.

Miami Downtown Skyscrapers and Bayfront Park at Sunny Day. Time Lapse

People relaxing on holidays in South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Tourists on summer vacations near the sea. American landscape and recreation in America

Top down panning view of wide multilane trunk toad leading between modern high rise buildings in urban borough. Miami, USA

Foot Traffic On Miami Sidewalk

Miami Metromover Timelapse (4K)

MIAMI BEACH, USA - NOVEMBER 15, 2018: Ocean Drive Street at Sunny Day

Fly above multistorey buildings at sea coast at dusk. Cars driving on multilane road between apartment houses. Miami, USA

A wide-angle shot pans from right to left, showcasing hotels and buildings on the beach resort

MIAMI BEACH, USA - NOVEMBER 14, 2018: Ocean Drive Street at Night. Cafes and Road Traffic, Time Lapse

MIAMI BEACH, USA - NOVEMBER 15, 2018: Ocean Drive Street at Sunny Day. Time Lapse

Aerial footage of roads and bridges over water in urban neighbourhood. Mixture of tall buildings and family houses. Miami, USA

Tacking of cars driving on road on waterfront. Passing around yachts moored at bank. Multistorey apartment buildings in residential borough. Miami, USA

Beachfront Property With Green Trees Aerial View

Miami Beach, Ocean and Clouds in the Morning. Aerial Hyper Lapse, Time Lapse. Drone Flies Forward. Florida, USA

Florida, USA, April 2023: Car POV timelapse traveling Downtown Miami & Little Havana areas

South Beach Sidewalk Traffic

Sunlight through palm leaves, blue sky in sunny day, tropical trees against the sky at noon

People waiting to be seated at Frenchys Rockaway Grill 4k

Pedestrians walk down boardwalk alongside Miami Beach, Florida

A right turn reveals an idyllic view of a coastal resort vacation town, observed from an aerial view

Forwards fly above sea coast. People enjoying sunny day on sand beach. Vacation resort with palm trees and luxurious hotels. Miami, USA

Palm trees and sun light in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida, USA. American summer landscape with palms and clear sky in the United States of America

Downtown city streets establishing Miami Florida 4k

MIAMI, USA - NOVEMBER 17, 2018: Winwood Artwork Neighborhood at Sunny Day and Road Traffic. Time Lapse

People relax on holiday in South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Tourists on summer vacations near the sea. American landscape and recreation in the United States

Forwards fly above water surface and residential borough. Downtown skyscrapers in distance, against colourful twilight sky. Miami, USA

Friends playing beach volleyball in South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA. Summer fun by the sea in America.

Top down shot of traffic on multilane road leading on bridges over water and passing through island. Luxury urban borough with high rise buildings. Miami, USA

Birds eye view of cars driving on wide road in city in tropical area. Modern high rise apartment buildings and palm trees along road. Miami, USA

Waves washing sea coast. Sand beach with loungers in luxury vacation resort. Top down horizontally panning shot. Miami, USA

Modern luxurious neighbourhood in tropical area. Cars driving on multilane road leading between high rise apartment buildings. Miami, USA


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