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Roll of measuring tape in motion macro


Meter Pro After Effects Pack

Electrical meter dial spinning as electricity is used 4k

An animated simulated Internet bandwidth speed test gauge with speeds approaching 1 gigabit. Created in After Effects.

Design analog speed meter

Extreme closeup dolly footage of a strip of yellow measurement tape with metric and imperial length marking.

World Radio Meter

Close-up of classic analoge volume indicator working Reel to reel VU meters on sound mixer. Volume indicator needles moving from music sound. Professional studio equipment

Digital Electricity Meter

Blurred panel with VU meters in record studio

Roll of measuring tape in motion macro

Factory engineer checking the operation of equipment and taking the readings of the meters, he taking down data using digital tablet

Technological factory indicator display showing production data close up. Modern tech manufacture micrometer controlling manufacturing process automatically. Machinery measurement info concept

Roll of measuring tape in motion macro

electrician is checking meter reading and making notes in tablet, electrical engineering service on plant, worker with protective equipment

Audio Waveform on Digital Equalizer


Digital colorful music equalizer showing volume with reflection on black background. 3D animation: Music control levels.

Water meter shows household consumption of water, close up

Shot of measuring blood pressure at home

Music VU meters and wave forms seamless loop-able 4K

Polygraph sensors on human fingers

Analog multimeter, pin, meter, measure.

Women's hands measuring plaster wall for further wallpapering.

Audio equalizer moving bars and audio frequency monitor sound wave

A hypothetical bandwidth meter measuring Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps. With optional luma matte.

Ultrasonic Suture Metering By Worker At Plant. The Worker Is Wearing A Blue Uniform.

A man in the room makes a measurement of the drywall wall using a measuring tape for subsequent wallpapering.

Water consumption. Water meter is measuring water usage, close up.

Thin Blue VU Meters

Skill levels position indicator concept animation. Training and development business education. Ultra High Definition 4K seamless loop video.

View on sound check gauges moving rhytmically in tempo of music beat, located on professional sound board panel in production studio

A hypothetical bandwidth meter measuring Internet speeds up to 50 Mbps. With optional luma matte.

UV Meter

Vintage dial on old electrical equipment

Running timecode on the professional analog recorder.

Hand operating vintage electrical switchboard with dials and switches

Electrical engineer checking the switchboard when alarm lights start blinking. Emergency situation at the plant

Vintage electrical switchboard with dials and switches

Hand operating vintage electrical equipment


Fuel level sensor in the car. Full tank truck. Fuel gauge car dashboard show fuel empty to full. Close up gasoline meter on black background. Full tank of gas for long distance drive concept

Electrical engineer with digital tablet running check-up of equipment at the factory and taking down the amount shown on different meters

Frenetic Vertical Light Tube VU Meter Wall Loop

Sound waves moving graphic animation

Manufacture machine control panel with buttons at modern storehouse close up. Technological factory warehouse controller device of conveyor line wires. Production automation instrument concept

Female sugar diabetic patient measuring blood glucose level with a glucometer at home. Health care, diabetic lifestyle. Close-up.

Gas pressure meter close up


Pressure meter bar showing results


Industrial worker measuring detail and quality control of roll metal sheet roof with tape measure before shipment to customer at factory warehouse manufacture