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Multilevel warehouse with cardboard boxes arranged on the racks, pharmaceutical production

Tracking shot of male workers in overalls and hard hats teaching middle-aged female trainee how to use welding tool at metal fabrication facility

Workers in a foundry pouring liquid Aluminum to a sand cast

Bottling and sealing conveyor line at winery factory, labeling machine

Cheese Factory In Production Time Lapse


2021-09-23 - Mariupol, Ukrane. Magma factory. Technician in blue uniform operates CMM arm at industrial plant. Calibrating machinery

Molten iron flowing in a steel mill with many sparcles flying into the sides. Stock footage. Hot shop of the steelmaking factory with

Metal is poured into the mold of a large channel

Steelworkers standing near a blast furnace with sparks at the metallurgical plant, heavy industry concept. Stock footage. View inside of hot

Welding machines emit veyerverk of sparks

Inside Factory in India


CNC machine precision tapping in metal part fabrication process observed by technician maintaining, adjusting equipment in industrial

The worker at the factory saws metal.

Industrial employees working on automatic turning lathe and metalworking machine

Industrial, workshop for production of handling removable devices.

The man in blue overalls and in a respirator works as a grinder

Worker welding steel construction at industrial factory. Heavy industry workman using electric welding equipment at workplace. Metal sparks throwing during metalworking. Steel products manufacturing


Industrial workers pour molten metal at steel foundry. Team handles liquid steel with protective gear in furnace area. Manufacturing process

The worker forms a coil of metal wire on the machine, close-up

Green peas in cans on a conveyor belt in a canned food production facility

Workflow at the factory. Steel pipes production line. Production process at manufacturing plant. Manufacturing line of stainless steel pipes. Industrial equipment at factory. Heavy industry


2021-09-23 - Mariupol, Ukrane. Magma factory. Industrial workers fabricate metal parts in a heavy machinery workshop. Welders and machinists

Extreme wide shot of man working on production site with industrial equipment. Portrait of confident Caucasian male employee in uniform, face mask and shoe covers checking machinery in factory.

Metallurgists pouring hot metal into molds at a plant. Challenging work with molten metal.

Worker twisting bolts into industrial installation. Manual worker assembling machine parts at production line. Assembly of industrial unit. Close up of screwdriver twisting bolts in machine parts

Manufacturing equipment

Industrial robot arms placing solar panels on large production line in clean energy producing power plant. Solar cells being on conveyor

Welding machines emit veyerverk of sparks

Workers Using Machines In Glass Factory

Multilevel warehouse with cardboard boxes arranged on the racks, pharmaceutical production

workers in workshop of furniture manufacturing plant, two men use automated edge banding machine

CNC laser machine cutting metal sheet with sparkling light. Industrial laser welding equipment at workshop. Robotization and automatization in metalworking. Metal production manufacturing

Crane shot of a large offset printing press in a printing facility

People Working In Large Cheese Factory

Industrial concept. Construction plant. A man worker tighten the nuts on a lathe


.A blacksmith or welder, with his welder, welding steel and iron, in extreme slow motion. The weld

Professional Welder Working at factory facility. Factory workshop with a male technician welding in it

Metal is poured into the mold of a large channel

Industrial factory manufacturing machinery. Close up of conveyor line at factory. Factory manufacturing line. Industry manufacturing process. Production factory conveyor belt. Manufacturing equipment

Worker walking in workshop of steel factory. Workman in factory with industrial equipment. Engineer walking at metal factory

A man worker using a welding machine on a construction site indoors


Industrial welder with protective mask in factory floor welding metal on construction site, sparks fly from arc, skilled tradesperson works

Slow motion of a welder welding construction steel frames

Hard work in a foundry. Metal smelting furnace in steel mill. Molten metal pouring, metallurgy, steel casting foundry. Steel manufacturing

The milling machine processes a metal surface, scattering a lot of sparks

Drill press machine in workshop 4k


Industrial worker in protective gear welds iron beams in factory setting, sparks flying. Precision metalwork, manufacturing steel structures


Aviation Industry inscription on electronic schemes background with neon colors. Graphic presentation. Transportation concept