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Chest-up of blue-eyed Caucasian man devouring chocolate cake, standing in kitchen at daytime

Young person enjoying Khachapuri at Oriental Cuisine Restaurant

Diet and fitness, Healthy lifestyle concept

Man's hands washing spinach. Big leaves of spinach. Stay healthy and energetic. Ingredient for an organic snack.

close-up of a black man eating a salad in a cafe


Young person biting on a green onion and acting silly in studio, pretending to eat a natural ethically sourced leek to advocate for

Man eats a chocolate chip cookies in a cafe

Close up of Sportsman running cardio exercise burning calories in the fitness gym fit body healthy lifestyle, Athlete muscle building strong concept.

Fit Athlete Prepares Vegan Salad with Olive Oil in Kitchen. Healthy Lifestyle, Nutritious Vegan Dishes.

Close-up shot of adults and child taking slices of delicious pizza served on wooden tray. Top view

Changing focus portrait of smiling young Black man posing for camera with yummy pepperoni pizza slice standing on clear turquoise background

Close up footage of a man hand chef, prepares a salad of seafood and vegetables

Enjoying Delicious Grilled Chicken Wing

Man pouring salt over healthy salad in kitchen for delicious meal. Cooking preparing healthy organic food happy together lifestyle. Cheerful meal in family with vegetables

Man eating sweet chocolate donut. Close-up


Man holding red watermelon slice cut into flower shape in green garden background concept. Sunset outdoors summer day. Healthy seasonal

Hungry man biting and chewing colourful chip cookie close-up

Side view chest up of Asian guy with dyed blond hair and eat piercing eating delicious pizza on turquoise background

Bearded man eats a juicy watermelon

man enjoys eating, tasting the delicious big burger meat with cheese and vegetables

Side view waist up shot of Asian guy with blond hair taking bite of delicious saucy burger while having house party with friends on weekend evening

Man enjoying a coke at a cafe with a paper cup

Close-up athlete eating and resting in the gym during break

Man eats nutritious breakfast

Top view of chef cutting thin slices of red pepper with a knife on cutting board

Closeup of Asian hipster guy with dyed blond hair eating cheesy pizza in apartment at daytime

Healthy and nutritious breakfast

Male hands washing broccoli. Broccoli under water flow. Fresh food full of vitamins. Homegrown vegetable in kitchen sink.

Bearded man eats a juicy watermelon

Hands washing chinese cabbage. Water pours on chinese cabbage. First stage of preparing salad. Eat well and stay healthy.

Man eat a juicy Peach in the park - close-up

Man eats juicy hamburger

Side view chest up of hungry African American guy eating pepperoni pizza bite by bite standing on turquoise studio background

chef chopping red pepper with a knife on cutting board

Male hands cutting melon on table in the garden, super slow motion

Young Man Enjoying Potato Fries

Medium closeup of young Black man in hipster panama hat and denim shirt eating tasty pizza while getting together with multiethnic friends at daytime

SLOW MOV: Peel a Banana and Eat It

Close up view of person slicing Papaya fruit, sweet ripe fresh papaya on cutting board, raw vegan food

Father and child enjoy breakfast

Young arabian guy with curly hair having a breakfast watching movie. Happy man eating banana when viewing lecture on computer. Male student

Caucasian man eating soup in a cafe


Side closeup of happy Caucasian guy in denim jacket and with long hair devouring burger in retro style diner and enjoying life

Portrait of adult enjoying a healthy snack in studio

A Man eating Doner Kebab on the Street of an Old European City

Couple Preparing Salad in Kitchen: Healthy Food & Lifestyle (Slow Motion)

Obese person exercising with dumbbell. Side view of individual working out with heavy weight. Equipment for weight loss.


Guy hands mixing vegetables at kitchen closeup. Carefree headphones man preparing healthy breakfast singing at home. Happy hipster cooking