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Portrait of a woman choosing between healthy and unhealthy food options

Thoughtful Woman Making a Choice

Woman browsing books before making a selection at the store

African man and caucasian woman talking with competent dealer while choosing car at showroom. Multicultural couple making choice together at dealership

Close-up of professional salesman using tablet while showing couple of customers specifications of chosen car. Interested woman and man communicating with auto dealer and making choice at car showroom

Portrait of woman making choice between apple and cake in kitchen. Smiling girl choosing fruit diet for healthy breakfast. Joyful woman eating green apple at home in slow motion. Healthy food concept

Make choice. Joyful elderly woman shows with her index finger to the left and to the right on gray background

Young woman at party pointing left and right, making a choice

Blond woman choosing between healthy and junk food. Blond overweight female in pink sportswear making choice between vegetable salad and sandwich while being on diet against yellow background


Female fashion or furniture designer look through fabric samples. Colorful concept choices and options. Woman tries to make a choice of

Slow motion shot of a careful man shopper looking over each tomato at greengrocers before making a choice. Buying fruit and vegetables. Products names on the price tags

Responsible mixed race woman supermarket employee in apron helping multiracial couple to choose ripe pineapple. Multi-ethnic shoppers communicating with female worker while making choice in farm store

caucasian teen girl thinks or makes a choice on a white background

Male customer making a choice of apples after looking at price. Shopper putting fruit into a paper bag. Visiting greengrocery to buy healthy food

Diverse Americans Participating in State Elections at Voting Precinct

Handheld medium shot of friendly shop assistant explaining smartphone models to customer and helping them make choice


The floor mirror reflects a young guy in a white bathrobe, who is making a choice between two pink shirts on hangers, that he holds in his hands.

Thoughtful young girl planning mischief indoors

Caucasian man thinking and making choice on green background

Unknown woodworker taking tool in carpentry workshop. Closeup unrecognized master choosing tool for carpentry works in studio. Male carpenter making choice in tools indoors.


A young guy in a white bathrobe in front of a floor mirror makes a difficult choice of what to wear. The guy is holding two pink shirts on coat hangers in his hands.

The businesswoman try to make a choice and stand on the green background. Real time capture

African man and caucasian woman talking with competent dealer while choosing car at showroom. Couple making choice together during expensive

Female making choice at vending machine in Europe 4k

Woman in mask choosing citrus fruit at the supermarket

Wealthy Caucasian successful woman choosing textile samples with interior designer in showroom. Rich woman and expert man talking making choice indoors. Furniture selling and buying concept.

Contemplative man pondering in hardware store. Portrait of focused buyer making decision. Choice and consumerism concept.

African man and caucasian woman talking with competent dealer while choosing car at showroom. Multicultural couple making choice together at dealership

Man choosing healthy or unhealthy food. Man making a choice between apple and burger, healthy or fast, junk food, chose apple. Useful or harmful lifestyle.

Man customer in the appliance store looking over the iron trying to make the best choice

Couple Selects New Car in Modern Showroom, Engages in Conversation and Takes a Seat

Positive multinational buyers using advice of supermarket staff while choosing ripe pineapple. Responsible mixed race female employee in apron helping shoppers to make choice in grocery store

Doubtful girl making a decision in studio. Portrait of thinking female person making choice between apple and doughnut indoors. Closeup smiling woman choosing apple

Thoughtful Caucasian woman making choice

Millennial woman deciding between yellow sneakers and green high-heels at shoe store. Thoughtful buyer making style choice.

Instant Film Photos of Young Models for Casting with Female Finger Making Selection

Girl touching snack automat making choice standing alone in night city subway closeup. Woman in headphones looking camera waiting food order

Confused shopper choosing clothes in store, looking at camera with embarrassed expression. Portrait of shopper making decision indoors.

Young woman exploring dresses in-store, making stylish choices. Shopaholic enjoying a shopping spree, selecting trendy clothes with excitement

Medium slowmo of diverse US citizens going into vote booths, making their choice and put ballots into special boxes in the voting station

Man making a choice between two kinds of dry food for the cat in the supermarket

Black woman browsing healthy food products in a supermarket, using her digital device to make informed choices

Smiling woman deciding between lettuce and mango, close up

Woman makes a choice of healthy food

Positive bearded male barista in good mood communicating with client, offering best coffee drinks while helping customer to make choice with joyful mixed race waitress working at coffee shop counter

Couple of smiling people points with fingers making choice

Businessman planning investment to business. Strategy choice make much money. Business plan chart spreadsheet. Falling money from heaven. Office background

Thoughtful girl making choice throwing away sneakers hugging kissing high-heels. Portrait of confident smiling Caucasian teenager choosing fashion style sitting at home indoors. Adolescence lifestyle.