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Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: High-tech robotics samples of the latest generation. Precise movement of robots on a permutation of items.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing line at factory. Pharmaceutical quality control. Production equipment at pharmacy industry. Pharmaceutical machine. Medical vials quality control at pharmaceutical factory

Mechanic Clock Gears Macro View

Candy factory. Industrial machine wrapping candies. Modern industrial machine wrapping tasty sweets and putting them on conveyor on confectionery factory.

Advanced production line for small parts, robotic arms at work


Money Counting Machine Processing US Dollar Bills


Burnt car in the city courtyards, front view, closeup

Robot working in an electronics manufacturing facility

Combine harvesting ripe wheat on farm field at summer sunset. Food production, farming agricultural industry, agribusiness concept.

Robotic arm working at automated production line. Modern technology. Industrial equipment at pharmaceutical plant. Packaging machine. Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. Medicine manufacturing

V8 motor with working pistons and crankshafts inside camera fly through. Concept of automobile engine

Manufacturing line at medical factory. Close up of medicine packaging line at pharmaceutical plant. Robotic arm put medicine package on conveyor belt. Packaged goods at automated production line

An industrial robot loader


Close-up of automated wood carving machine. Creative. Rotating needle with robotic cutting machine in production. Woodworking enterprise

Detail of clockwork with gear. Old clock mechanism works. Successful business or teamwork concept. Watch gears detail

Metalworking CNC lathe milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology. Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece.

A lot of Dirty dishes in the kitchen after new year big Christmas party.

Heavy mining truck unloads the ore in a quarry. Mining industry.

Tractor shovels snow and earth in forest. Clip. Tractor clears space in forest in winter. Tractor digs and pours out earth in snowy forest

Inside Iranian bank, Banknote counter counts 100000 rial bills


Two mechanic Caucasian man in large garage, Inspecting parts under raised car

Construciton workers get ready to work

Fly above construction site in city. Machinery working in construction pit. Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Micro chip is automatically applied. Printed digital electronic board production line.

Two engineers talking together in roof steel metal manufacturing factory industry, engineering worker man standing explaining for maintain of metal sheet stamping machine, teamwork concept

Automated production of plastic parts in a large factory


Robot Hand in the Laboratory. Artificial Intelligence Exhibition. Remote Control Robotic Machine Arm. Futuristic Technology Concept

CNC Laser cutting of metal modern industrial technology. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser through optics. Laser optics and CNC computer numerical control.

Advanced production line for small parts, robotic arms at work

Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing line. Automated production line. Medicine industry. Industrial equipment at pharmaceutical plant. Packaging machine. Medical ampoules on conveyor line at drug factory

Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: Installation of parts by robots.

Machines in an automated chemical bottles production line


Motivated young asian sportsman having workout on machine. Handsome man bodybuilder training body on modern exercises in gym

CNC Metal Cutting: Modern Industrial Tech. Depth of Field. Authentic Shooting in Challenging Conditions. Some Grain & Blur.

Pivot Irrigation Used To Water Plants On A Farm Aerial Drone Footage Of Pivot Irrigation

Car brake repair service. Professional mechanic inspects the brake system. Repair the breakdown in the car. Replacement of pads and brake


Automotive technician operates car brake disc lathe machine for precision rotor machining and skimming in garage. Vehicle maintenance, disk

Tattoo session - woman getting an abstract face tattoo

A close-up of hipster man client visiting haidresser and hairstylist in barber shop, beard and mustache trimming. Slow motion.

the boy stretches out his hand to the robot for a handshake.

Laundry washing concept. Hands load dirty laundry into washing machine.

Metal worker controlling levers on metal working machine for production parts

Slowmo close-up of couple of multi-ethnic engineers working with touchscreen monitor of modern machine equipment at industrial factory


Currency Counter Machine processing US Dollar Bills


Carpenters using professional equipment at workshop Working with wooden beams.


An industrial engineer diligently testing and programming a robotic arm using remote controller in a research laboratory.

Close up hands builder male sands ceiling with professional machine slow motion and makes repairs in apartment. Building, renovation, technology concept