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This clip can be overlaid over your footage to add texture and clutter.

Beautiful organically captured warm lens flares isolated over black background

Beautiful abstract warm lens flares on black background. Perfect as overlay on your own footage

Soft Light Leaks 2

Soft Light Leaks 1

light leaks overlay.Timber Light Leaks Transitions. Full HD Footage

Cold flickering light leaks moving fast over a black background. Abstract light in motion for transition purposes.

Realistic Film Burn Light Leak 6

Flickering film scan from projector with light leaks

Longer Natural Light Leaks 5in1

Ultra hight definition effect of light leaks on dark background. 4k footage of light leak effect.

Pulsing light bokeh and lens flares

Film project scan with light leaks dust and scratches

light leaks effect.Light Leaks With Color Correct Group. Full HD Background Overlay

Pack of light leaks

light leaks abstract.Pride Light Leaks With Color Correct. Full HD Animation

light leaks with color correct.Husky Light Leaks And Bokeh. Full HD Background Overlay

light leaks abstract.Ridge Light Leak Overlay. Full HD Footage

Fuzzy dancing light bloken

Oragnically captured yellow lens flares

light leaks transition.Light Leaks Abstract Kiss. Full HD Animation

Light Leak 34 Graphical Element

light leaks transitions.Discount Light Leaks. Full HD Background Animation

Vintage gold bokeh light

Light Leaks Element 105

Dynamic lens flares on black background. Put them in overlay mode on your own videos

Glass Light Leaks 11

Light Leaks Element 322

Beautiful warm lens flares over black background. Light elements. Perfect overlay for your footage

light leaks transitions.Light Leaks Abstract Hawk. Full HD Animation

light leaks.Light Leaks Transitions Foundry. Full HD Animation

light leak bokeh.Octopus Light Leak Bokeh. Full HD Background Overlay

Glass Light Leaks 36

Warm light transition effect for your footage. Soft bright light flares on a dark background.

Film Burn Transition With Lens Flare Obliquely

Beautiful play of light and lens flares

Golden Bokeh Overlay

Light Leaks Element 108

light leaks transition.Instrument Light Leaks Transitions. Full HD Animation

light leaks transitions.Light Leaks Illuminate ology. Full HD Footage

Quick Light Leaks 1

Light Leaks 4 effect

Light Leaks Overlay Background Animation For Your Footage 179

Light Leaks Element 169

light leaks illuminate.Light Leaks With Color Correct Pronto. Full HD Animation

Light Leaks Element 16

Light Leak 09 Graphical Element

Beautiful golden light abstract effects for overlay purpose. Beautiful warm light in motion to use as a a background.