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Rich man enjoying vacation life cognac in luxury home interior. Confident calm gentleman drinking whiskey glass at expensive armchair. Intelligent businessman relaxing alone with alcohol drink

Slow motion shot of a man with cell swinging in hammock among the palms on sea coast at sunset. Enjoyable vacation

Sportsman swirling on speedy jet ski at sunset in slow motion. Extreme water sport. Jet ski rider enjoy water waves

Silhouette man enjoying vacation life cognac in sea view interior. Unrecognizable gentleman drinking whiskey glass at expensive armchair. Unknown businessman relaxing alone at panoramic window hotel

Young man enjoying boat ride with a winning pose


Boy enjoys time on smartphone while swaying in garden hammock - filmed from the back

Woman reading book by the river. Nature and education.

Man lying on wooden bench and swinging slowly, looking thoughtful. Media. Man thinking about life on woden bench.

Carefree people enjoying life and exploring world

Relaxing on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. Beautiful scene at the resort. Weekend getaway on a yacht. Cruise on a yacht at sea.

Lazy Couch Potato Watches TV

Woman enjoying peaceful beach moment

Asian girl use smartphone leaning on the couch relaxing, online social media, mobile application, personal space leisure, online shopping, leg crossed at knees comfortable on sofa, home living room

Feet running in park at sunset/sunrise. Real-time and slow motion mixed footage.


Girl sitting on the at sunset, using a smartphone

Young couple using smartphone and digital tablet

A hammock tied to a curved palm tree invites relaxation on a sunlit white sand beach in the Maldives, framed by a vivid blue sky. Pristine ocean with endless horizon. Serene background.

Woman`s legs in the foam bath

Girlfriends relaxing on a yacht. Girls at the sea. Cruise on a yacht. Girls smile. Glamour girl relaxing on a yacht.

Tourist Enjoying Pool Jump. Outdoor Fun Activity for Young Student on Vacation

Girlfriends rest on the sea. Girls enjoy the vacation on a yacht. Tourists sunbathing on the yacht. Party on a yacht. Corporate party on a yacht.

Joyful, diverse friends enjoying a summer picnic in the park

Swimming pool with Jacuzzi


Lowsection of biracial woman sitting on bed in bedroom, slow motion

Chinese men playing cards game in Beijing, China, Asia. Friends having fun with leisure activity in a hutong (traditional old narrow street)

Isolation With Social Media Concept

Young Woman Texting and Laughing

Ukraine, Kiev 17. 09. 2017. Kids rolloing down the hill. Having fun on the grass in the park.

Model girls relaxing on a yacht. Girls at the resort. Traveling on a yacht on the ocean. Tourists rest on a yacht. Relax on the yacht.

Young woman reading books on yellow couch

Woman in park practicing yoga fitness exercise and meditating in traditional hat staying on tree stump. 4k slow motion

Japanese people playing pachinko, lottery, arcade game, videogames, video games, gambling, slot machines in Asian casino. Tokyo, Japan, Asia

Happy girl laying on the floor,having fun and using smartphone

Morning Serenity: Embracing Nature's Beauty in the Mountains

Happy Asian boy in rubber ring having fun in resort's swimming pool with blue water Summertime vacation concept, top view

Lady sitting on seashore. Woman in bikini and hat. Beauty and infinity.

Happy friends running and enjoying life together at the beach during a summer vacation

Child enjoys sunset on pier. Silhouette shot. Outdoor leisure in the Netherlands. 4K.

Joyful Woman Cycling with a Basket of Flowers on a Country Road at Sunrise. Lovely Lady on a Green Grass Path, Embracing Life

Man Meditating Under Tree in Nature - Beautiful Sunset Background

Cozy Couple Enjoying Warm Drinks By the Fire


Woman sits on cliff edge, long hair flowing, contemplates rushing waterfall cascade. Alone in serene nature, reflects on life, enjoys

A happy senior man with headphones lying on a sofa indoors at home, playing with a pet dog while listening to music.

Young European woman enjoying nature's beauty in a violet meadow, feeling joyful and happy

Man swim in the pool at the hotel. View from above. 4k slow motion aerial shot


Twelve-year-old boy immersed in smartphone while relaxing in a hammock

Elegant woman posing by the window

Young woman enjoying beach day on car roof. Travel, vacation, adventure, youth, fun.