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Camera following female Caucasian legs in boots and skirt walking along city street in the evening. Young woman strolling on city market outdoors. Leisure, lifestyle, resting.

Close-up of senior male and female feet lying in bed on white sheets. Mature Caucasian family resting in bedroom in the morning on weekends. Leisure, lifestyle, tranquility. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Active senior elderly old caucasian man do physical exercises in sport playground. Fitness leisure. Healthy lifestyle in old age.

Middle shot of charming young Caucasian woman smiling at camera and looking aside. Brunette girl with brown eyes resting at home. Leisure, lifestyle, relaxation, joy.

2of7 Happy people, leisure, lifestyle, man, businessman on the phone

Young confident Caucasian woman lying on bed and drinking tea in the evening. Beautiful blond lady resting in bedroom at home or in hotel room. Leisure, lifestyle, relaxation, tourism.


Close-up cheerful joyful woman dancing in night club and singing. Happy carefree Caucasian millennial having fun on dance floor resting on weekend. Leisure and lifestyle.

Close-up of three multiethnic people clinking glasses and drinking alcohol at bar counter. Middle Eastern and Caucasian men spending evening with female friend in night club. Leisure, lifestyle.

Carefree senior woman opening laptop and putting on eyeglasses. portrait of relaxed beautiful Caucasian retiree surfing Internet in kitchen in the morning. Leisure and lifestyle concept.

Beautiful young couple visiting funfair, smiling, holding hands walking and eating cotton candy, night outdoors. Man and woman enjoying day out activities, recreation leisure lifestyle

Young people and leisure, lifestyle and fun, leisure activity, man and woman on holiday. Sport athletes training, working out in fitness club with gym equipment and bike

Cheerful unrecognizable Caucasian woman jumping on bed in hotel room. Slim girl in white bathrobe having fun at luxurious tourist resort. Joy, leisure, lifestyle, happiness.

Side view of young brunette Caucasian girl sitting on sofa indoors and looking out the window. Wealthy sensual woman resting and thinking at home. Leisure, lifestyle, beauty.

Young people and leisure, lifestyle and fun, leisure activities, man and woman on holiday. Sport athlete working as personal trainer and talking to customers in fitness club, gym

Young people and leisure, lifestyle and fun, travel and vacation, man and woman on holiday. Happy married couple, clients in hotel bedroom with luggage for honeymoon, talking, check-in

Camera follows positive relaxed senior woman strolling along spring or autumn park alley. Happy carefree Caucasian retiree walking outdoors enjoying leisure. Lifestyle and retirement concept.

Cropped sliding close up of a sexy sportswoman with hot toned body doing donkey kicks exercise working out at the gym motivation beauty health care leisure lifestyle concentration

Aerial drone footage of fit and strong young male cyclist or athlete on professional bicycle rides down beautiful countryside road on sunny warm day. Active leisure lifestyle, sports vacation or hobby

Happy young people, fun, leisure, lifestyle, vacations, relaxing in resort bar, friends drinking cocktails, man and woman in hotel restaurant, boyfriend and girlfriend during date

Portrait of happy young chubby woman spinning with shopping bags on river bank on sunny autumn day. Caucasian woman enjoying free time outdoors. Leisure, lifestyle, consumerism, shopaholism.

Portrait of cheerful female retiree dancing and spinning with cooking utensils indoors. Smiling Caucasian crossing hands and looking at camera. Fun, joy, leisure, lifestyle.

Top view of cheerful Caucasian father, mother and little daughter lying on carpet and catching soap bubbles. Smiling people having fun at home on weekends. Leisure, lifestyle, resting.

Camera slowly approaching young brunette woman drinking coffee and looking out the window. Beautiful Caucasian girl standing in white bathrobe in sunrays. Relaxation, leisure, lifestyle.

Caucasian people at home, white business man sitting on sofa with ipad tablet computer, businessman relaxing, busy male manager on couch, worker using internet and email for fun, leisure, lifestyle

Unrecognizable senior man and young woman standing outdoors with tea cups. Caucasian retiree chatting with relative. Leisure, lifestyle, relaxation.

Young Caucasian father lying with daughter on soft carpet on the floor and drawing as mother sitting on armchair with tablet. Happy family resting at home on weekends. Leisure, lifestyle, unity.

Camera following young pretty Caucasian woman walking down the stairs in city with coffee cup. Side view of elegant lady in red coat enjoying autumn day outdoors. Leisure, lifestyle, happiness.

3of7 Happy people, leisure, lifestyle, pregnant woman talking on the phone

Teenager on phone social media leisure lifestyle portrait mobile phone texting

Happy young people, fun, leisure, lifestyle, fitness club, sports and workout, man and woman training in gym for wellness and well-being

Happy young people, fun, leisure, lifestyle, fitness, sport and exercising, man and women working out in gym

Male Caucasian hand opening door, wife and husband entering hotel room. Unrecognizable adult man and woman arriving in accommodations. Travelling, tourism, leisure, lifestyle.

Young happy Caucasian couple in elegant white outfit lying on bed and talking. Smiling blond woman and bearded man resting in bedroom at home or in hotel room. Joy, leisure, lifestyle, happiness.

Side view of young Caucasian girl swimming in indoor basin. Camera following confident brunette woman in swimming pool, passing equipment at the foreground. Leisure, lifestyle, sport, confidence.

Portrait of young brunette Caucasian woman sitting on stairs indoors and dreaming. Happy beautiful girl thinking and smiling to herself. Leisure, joy, lifestyle, dreaminess.

Young beautiful Caucasian woman typing and swiping tablet as sitting on couch at home. Charming brunette girl enjoying free time indoors. Social media, wireless technology, leisure, lifestyle.

Male legs in elegant boots riding scooter on urban city street. Close-up side view of unrecognizable Caucasian adult man enjoying cloudy day outdoors. Leisure, lifestyle, joy.

Close-up face of charming brunette woman posing at poolside and smiling at camera. Portrait of beautiful positive girl with brown eyes resting in spa hotel. Leisure, lifestyle, richness, joy.

Close-up of cheerful slim beautiful woman laughing and looking at camera indoors. Portrait of joyful happy Caucasian millennial having fun enjoying leisure at home. Lifestyle concept.

Carefree Caucasian old man in headphones dancing on city street. Portrait of relaxed happy senior retiree enjoying sunny day outdoors listening to music in earphones. Leisure and lifestyle.

Beautiful Caucasian girl caressing her pet, looking at camera and smiling. Big Moscow Watchdog shaking his head, female owner laughing. Friendshiip, relaxation, leisure, lifestyle.

Two young male Caucasian friends eating pizza and talking. Adult university students resting indoors on weekends. Leisure, lifestyle, communication.

Young multiracial friends dancing in pool in luxurious resort on sunny summer day. Portrait of confident men and women having fun in hotel celebrating birthday party. Richness, leisure, lifestyle.

Side view of happy young man using tablet and hugging smiling blond woman in bed. Joyful Caucasian couple resting in bedroom and surfing social media. Bonding, love, leisure, lifestyle.

Top view of young Caucasian girl walking along river embarkment from left to right and leaving. Adult woman in autumn coat strolling outdoors. Leisure, lifestyle, nature.

Satisfied Caucasian young man throwing up and scattering dollars. Smiling guy in eyeglasses sitting on couch and smiling. Richness, leisure, lifestyle. Camera moving up.

Close-up of young Caucasian couple strolling along winter street. Happy man and woman talking and smiling. Unity, leisure, lifestyle.

Portrait of young Caucasian woman in white bathrobe and hair towel drinking coffee and using social media in the morning. Relaxed girl sitting on bed in hotel room. Tourism, leisure, lifestyle.