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Wide shot of teacher in Covid-19 face mask teaching schoolchildren in public school during coronavirus pandemic. Confident Caucasian woman tutoring primary age children. Education during Covid.

Back view of upset schoolboy standing in front of school and shaking head gesturing no. Sad Caucasian boy not willing to learn. Education and intelligence.

Back view of Caucasian schoolboy with backpack walking to school building. Brunette boy going for studying. Education and learning concept.

Close-up of African American hand writing in workbook with pencil. Unrecognizable junior high student handwriting at desk in classroom. Education and diligence concept.

Portrait of positive confident handsome high school student looking at camera and smiling. Smart brunette Caucasian teenage schoolboy posing in corridor indoors. Public education concept.

Schoolboy puts a tablet computer in a backpack. Back to School.


Music Teaching, Musical Education, Playing Guitar, Time Together. Cheerful afro american girl guitarist and boy playing guitar while sitting on bed

young black man is viewing and listening online learning webinar on laptop, self-education at home by internet, making notes

Portrait of little brunette boy in face mask standing in sunlight at school yard with blurred classmates at the background. Concept of social distancing in Covid-19 education process.

man is getting education online, masters degree, professional development, self-education, looking information in laptop

Portrait of carefree schoolboy in face mask running along schoolyard in sunlight with blurred classmates at the background. Happy Caucasian children having fun after classes on Covid-19 pandemic.

Portrait of persistent Caucasian schoolgirl in Covid face mask writing in workbook and talking with blurred African American classmate explaining at chalkboard. Coronavirus education in school.

afro-american student is working in apartment, writing on paper, sitting at table with laptop, online learning

Sad schoolboy with backpack in face mask turning to camera. Portrait of upset Caucasian boy standing on sunny schoolyard. Cute brunette kid studying in middle school during Covid-19 pandemic.

Nice Caucasian mother teaching children at home. Smiling boy and girl doing homework with mom. Kids writing in exercise books and young woman giving tasks. Education, intelligence, elementary school.

Confident teenage high school students standing on stairs during break and chatting. Portrait of handsome teen boys talking and laughing. Relaxed friends gossiping indoors. Friendship and studying.

Female Caucasian tutor explaining mistakes to her student. Little boy putting his head down on hands and refusing to listen. Naughty boy failed with his homework. Bad behaviour, education concept.

Siblings having fun playing with clay on a pottery wheel

Focused little african ethnicity girl involved in doing homework.

Close-up pinky swear of unrecognizable Caucasian and African American schoolgirls in classroom. Happy friends girls shaking little fingers sitting at desk in classroom.

Teacher spraying sanitizer on hands of middle school pupils before entering school. Caucasian woman in face mask controls Covid-19 disinfection of schoolchildren. Coronavirus education concept.

student puts pens and pencils in the pencil case

Charming confident schoolgirls in Covid face masks disinfecting hands with sanitizer sitting in classroom on coronavirus pandemic. Caucasian and African American girls in school. New normal lifestyle.

Unrecognizable teacher adjusting Covid face mask of little boy standing in classroom with paper plane and talking. Primary education during coronavirus pandemic. Cute child and blurred classmates.

Close-up of smart cute Caucasian girl writing math problem on chalkboard. Bright intelligent pupil learning studying in school indoors. Education and intelligence concept.


Schoolboy pupil learning online school program with teacher. Online schooling concept

Back to school. Student sharpening a pencil.

Schoolboy puts a notebooks in a school bag. Back to School

Portrait of smart boy speaking with teacher during online class indoors. Closeup cheerful pupil learning online at home. Child with braces having virtual lesson inside. Online education at home

Feet of group of Caucasian high school students walking along corridor. Unrecognizable male and female classmates strolling in public school indoors.

female student is communicating with her scientific supervisor of project by videochat on laptop, writing notes at paper

Unrecognizable African American girl writing in notebook at home. Smart student doing homework indoors. Education and lifestyle concept.

Little primary school girl wearing headphones, doing homework remotely.

Brunette Caucasian schoolboy crying at desk in classroom. Portrait of upset overwhelmed boy sitting in school indoors. Education problems and sadness concept.

Portrait of cute stubborn schoolgirl unwilling to go to school in the morning. Unrecognizable brother pulling little sister's hand. Schoolchildren lifestyle and education.

School backpacks standing on stairs as blurred children playing football or soccer at the background. Carefree positive Caucasian schoolchildren having fun on break outdoors. Leisure and joy.

Close-up portrait of cute Middle Eastern schoolboy writing on chalkboard, looking at camera and smiling. Positive charming boy posing in classroom in school indoors.

Portrait of cute happy schoolboy showing thumb up and smiling at camera in classroom. Happy little Caucasian boy posing with classmates studying and teacher teaching at the background.

Portrait of upset Caucasian schoolboy raising head and sighing. Sad boy having to go to school to study. Child unwilling to learn. Education and lifestyle.

Close-up portrait of a cute girl with two ponytails doing homework with her mom. Adult woman dissatisfied with her daughter, explaining mistakes in the task. Mother educating her child at home.

Close-up of joyful charming schoolgirls friends hugging and smiling looking at camera. Happy friendly African American and Caucasian girls posing in classroom in secondary school. Friendship concept.

Tired pretty schoolgirl in Covid face mask rubbing temples looking at camera sitting at desk in classroom. Portrait of overwhelmed Caucasian girl studying on coronavirus pandemic in school.

Schoolboy in Covid-19 face mask spraying hand sanitizer on palms of schoolgirls. Caucasian schoolchildren disinfecting hands before lessons in public school. Coronavirus education.

Back view of group of teenage classmates standing in school corridor looking out the window. Five adolescent Caucasian boys and girls talking during break indoors. Education and lifestyle.

Unrecognizable Caucasian boy and girl sitting on comfortable bag chairs reading books out loud. Absorbed concentrated children studying or enjoying hobby indoors.

Two confident smart high school students standing on stairs and discussing classwork or homework. Portrait of handsome Caucasian teenage friends talking in corridor indoors. Education and lifestyle.

Middle school pupils strolling in sunlight outdoors with elder students walking at the background. Portrait of Caucasian schoolchildren in face masks studying on Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Headshot portrait of happy intelligent African American junior high school student smiling looking at camera. Close-up face of cheerful clever schoolgirl posing in classroom. Confidence and studying.