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The walk on the fresh grass. Animal view. Real time capture. Wide angle

Motley grass of Alpine meadows. Mountain Switzerland.

aerial view of cows on green pasture in Switzerland

Soft defocused spring background with a lush green grass

Aerial shot of herd of cows running along idyllic green pasture in New Zealand countryside surrounded by mountains

Aerial view of summer countryside with grazing cows.

Herd of goats on nature pasture. Wildlife and ecology.

White brown cow with his lamp laying on grass and resting, green grass on background

White goat stands on a green spring meadow at sunset.

AERIAL: Cows pasturing on a big green grass field

Beautiful nature. Wild grass sways in the wind in sunset. Countryside. Slow mo

AERIAL Agricultural farm with vast wheat fields under rocky mountain at sunset

Sheep Farming Agriculture Rural Landscape Australia

Green grass close-up super macro shooting.


Green fresh grass as a nice background

green wheat on the field

Green field at sunrise with blue sky

Aerial view of wide pastureland, green grass swaying in wind, sheeps grazing peacefully, wind generator on background. Drone footage of coutryside grassland with wind power turbine

Close-up of a blooming red poppy on a wild field. The flower sways in the wind.

Aerial drone shot flying over a flock of sheep walking on the road in Iceland. Cloudy day, low altitude flight

A happy senior man holding a horse grazing outdoors on a pasture. Slow motion.

Dairy cattle cow farming sunset / sunrise: These clips are of Holstein Friesians often shortened as Friesians, dairy cattle cows used to produce milk on a lush green farm during a spectacular sunset

Herd of Goats Walking and Eating the Grass

Beautiful muzzle of a white horse standing on the barred area of a country ranch. Horses walk outdoors in the winter.

Countryside with sheep. landscape mountain.

Timelaps of moving fluffy clouds in the evening sky and sunset over lonely oak tree in a wheat meadow field


Aerial drone shot - hillsides with fields and patches of woods in a rural area

Green grass under sunshine close up. Low angle view of green grass with water drops on leaves in macro close up.


Grass field with water droplet on green blurred background. Lush foliage after rain. Summer or spring background

A lovely pony grazing on green pasture.


Sheep are resting in the meadow in the early morning. A young lamb is looking into the camera lying next to its mother, chewing something.

Pampas with barbed wire fence and dry bushes

Flock of sheep on the meadow

Marvejols bocage fields and hedges mixed wood and pasture. Aerial shot mountains in background Aveyron France

blowing grass in an open field


Young beef bull eats grass on a green meadow. Cattle breeding, environmentally friendly farming.


Pampas with barbed wire fence and dry bushes

Aerial Montana Wild Horses Running June 2017 4K Inspire 2

Aerial view of meadows with green grass

Brown horse standing on the field shaking its mane

Water drops on the green grass with shallow Depth of Field. Slow Motion footage

The flight above the flock of sheep on the mountain

Field of green fresh grass under blue sky

Aerial view of summer countryside with grazing cows.

Herd of cows and bulls running across the field surrounded by forest


Pampas with barbed wire fence and dry bushes


Domestic donkeys standing and looking at the camera on farm in sunny day

Green field at sunrise with blue sky