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metal lathe operator

operator using a metal lathe

Lathe machine in action, super slow motion. Machining brass piece 250 fps macro shot

Operator working at old lathe machine

A lathe machine at the plant

Mechanic operating old lathe machine

Man worker at metal manufacturing working with lathe machine

Lathe in action closeup. Splashes of water. Cnc machine coolant.

A lathe machine at the factory


Old CNC Machine of Precision Machining Metal at Factory. Metal blank machining process on lathe with cut tool of steam turbine at workshop at metalworking factory. Process of cutting metal at plant

Man employee machine operator controlling metalworking details and parts

Man takes finished leather cover and process it on the grinding machine. He works with every side of it.

Metal lathe close-up. production of high precision metal parts

Precision metal parts on a table

Worker operating in manual lathe

The man performs grinding work at the factory

metal lathe closeup

Placing the metal parts in the lathe for machining

metal swarf after machining on the grinding machine

Metalworking CNC lathe milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology. Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece.

metal lathe display panel

Middle pan shot of attentive Afro-American metalworking lathe operator focused at his work, checking operational data and filling out checklist on clipboard, with finished pieces stacked in background

Precision grinding of metal parts

Control panel of cnc lathe. Male hand pushing buttons. Make precise calculations.

Automated machine in a production line

Many different starters buttons. Sensors, arrow, precision instruments

Industrial employees using inversion heater for metal piece in production hall

grinding machine workpieces with oil at a metallurgical plant

Cnc lathe control panel. Hand of man pushing buttons. Enter the right data.

Precision grinding of metal parts

Man hand operating old controls of turning machine

Worker controls adjustment wheel of lathe machine

Carbide tool polishing process

Old round handle rotating on lathe machine

Precision metal parts on a table

Industrial employees working on automatic turning lathe and metalworking machine

Woodworking Machine. Woodwork. Drilling

Hydraulic pipes construction on lathe machine in workshop at heavy industry factory

Cutting of metal parts on the lathe machine at the factory, lots of metal shavings, industrial concept, front view

Cutting tool processing on old lathe machine

The man controls the lathe with the help of levers on a factrory

lathe machine at factory - machinery industry

The milling machine processes a metal surface, scattering a lot of sparks

Automated machine in a production line

Work milling machine. Slow motion. Sparks from the metal during its processing.

Metal lathe close-up. production of high precision metal parts

Milling machine control panel

Strength testing for a metal spring