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"large mammal"
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Chimpanzee Close Up

Hippo rests in Serengeti

Closeup of Elephant Trunk. Slow Motion.

ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta, in zoo park, large strepsirrhini primate

3D Rendering animation - Mammoth Attacks Side on Green screen

Graceful Seals Swimming


Close-up of a reindeer head with large antlers in harness in a winter forest

Pygmy hippopotamus near water - Hexaprotodon liberiensis. Liberian Hippo.

Capybara sitting on a floor in the zoo

Porcupine climbing up tree

Close up from two impalas eating in Kruger National Park South Africa


Adult grey wolf standing still in the grass at the forest floor

Cheetah in Serengeti

Rare Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Tall giraffe walking and eats grass in Africa

Caribou feeding in snow


Beautiful grey wolf smells after food in the grass

Close Up Cheetah Eyes

Caracal Wildcat Close Up

Asian elephant, Elephas maximus, Asiatic elephant in zoo park, large animals

3D Rendering animation - Mammoth Attacks Side on Green screen

Hippopotamus sleeping relaxing in pond water

old african elephant walking in savannah against sunset

A warthog runs across the desert in Africa.

Two giraffes graze on the African plains.

Large group of seals laying on beach in shade near water 4k

A close portrait of hippo eating in zoo

Giraffes tussle and fight in a display of mating behavior.

A Trainer Feeds A Large Elephant At A Zoo On A Hot Summer Day

A hippo eating hay in zoo

old african elephant walking in savannah against sunset

Cheetah mother with cubs looks after enemies or prey

A hippo eating in zoo

Slow motion of elephant trunk spraying water over himself

Rhea Bird Legs, close up

Pan from three elephants walking in Pilanesberg Game Reserve in South Africa

Mammal of African wildlife. Safari park tourism. Lonely big elephant walk in savanna under green tree during hazy dusk morning. Virgin nature concept.

Caged mice eating in food bowl

Common pheasant or Ring-necked Pheasant Bird - Scotland UK

Adult elephant walking in safari park

African giraffes eating from trees.

Elephant trunk close up slow motion eating food

Beautiful Giraffes With Long Neck Eating At A Zoo

old african elephant walking in savannah against sunset

Giraffe eats grass in Africa

Young stag in zoo eating and drinking water - CU

close up shot of Asian elephant eyes, ears and head in green lush nature background with sun light

Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) eating while in the water. French Guiana