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"lab white coat"
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Four scientists in white lab coats standing indoors and discussing project that black man showing on white board

White mink in a cage

Group of multicultural scientists standing next to whiteboard and listening to the colleague showing them her research project

Portrait of biologist scientist in white coat working in expertise laboratory

Rear wide view video of unrecognizable male scientist in white uniform walking through lad with metal tubes and engineering equipment aside


Close up shot with rack focus from female scientist in white coat working on computer and observing white lab rat in glass tank

Doctor and patient discussing health treatment while sitting at the desk. Close up medical doctor talking to patient.


Over shoulder shot of unrecognizable scientist in white coat and gloves injecting white lab rat with experimental drug or vaccine

Scientist walking lab corridor. Back view of doctor walking hospital corridor in white coat. Male scientist in uniform going laboratory corridor. Medical worker go lab corridor

Woman gynecologist examining female patient using colposcope


Tilt up slowmo shot of African-American male scientist in face mask, white coat and gloves using microscope in lab, then turning towards camera Female colleagues doing their research

High school students with microscopes in laboratory.

Teacher teaching biology to high school students in laboratory.

Pretty young woman do eye test at clinic sitting in front of doctor in white medical coat looking in eye test machine and smiling. Mature optometrist examining patient in office. Camera moves right

Man chemist is in work process with chemical fluid and equipment in pharmaceutical factory spbas. Closeup view of male employee pours liquid into compartment of metal facilities during working day in

Young woman telling female doctor about her symptoms

Lab assistants in a laboratory are studying plants


Handheld slowmo over shoulder shot of black male scientist in white coat and gloves looking into microscope while working in lab

Smiling young woman in lab coat talking to the camera on a Green Screen, Chroma Key

male doctor speaking on cellphone at modern hospital indoors

Asian doctor making medical research using microscope and test tubes, writing data on note

Lab assistants in a laboratory are studying plants


Slowmo tracking shot of young female chemist in white coat looking at blue solution in test tube while working on her research in lab

Multiethnic team working in busy modern equipped laboratory wearing white coat. Diverse group of scientists analysing vaccine evolution using high tech for researching treatment against covid19 virus

Medical worker walking through white corridor. Steady shot of male doctor walking hospital corridor. Lab worker in uniform go factory corridor. Male scientist in pharmaceutical factory corridor

Male doctor consults his patient in the office.


Slowmo side view shot of disabled female scientist in wheelchair wearing white coat, gloves and face mask and putting solution into microplate while her colleagues working on research in lab

Two pharmacists inventoring medicines at the drugstore. Man and woman in medical uniform taking drugs from shelves and putting them back at the pharmacy. Senior male druggist and young female druggist

Close up shot of african male ophthalmologist examining eye of little boy in the stylish hospital.

High school students with microscopes in laboratory.

Microbiology laboratory work with tests

male doctor hands typing on keyboard

Dentist working, closeup view of a hands and dental instruments

Microbiological laboratory work with tests

Woman examines her glass solution to a microscope

Lab worker pouring the solution on the glass


Caucasian female doctor on green screen background

Close up view of doctor working using laptop. Male medic typing on keyboard of notebook.

Pills filling hand of doctor

Factory worker opening refrigerator storage. Woman in orange protective suit using pharmacological factory equipment. Pharmacological factory storage

Young woman Microbiologist in a white coat in protective glasses and gloves examines the liquid in the test tube.

Medium shot of mature female scientist or doctor in white coat and glasses filling syringe with medicine, then flicking it

Portrait of african young team of smiling doctors looking at camera in medical office.

The doctor in a white coat working with the tablet.

Male lecturer in white coat conducting chemistry experiments in medical classroom with students sitting at desk watching and listening

High school student with microscope in laboratory.

Closeup detail doctor typing on laptop. Female hands entering data on keyboard pc

Smiling beautiful woman in lab coat talking to the camera on a Green Screen, Chroma Key