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Close-up of African American hand writing in workbook with pencil. Unrecognizable junior high student handwriting at desk in classroom. Education and diligence concept.

Over confident self assured woman nodding her head knowing she is absolutely right

Close-up hand of Caucasian schoolgirl writing in workbook in school. Unrecognizable intelligent girl studying in classroom indoors. Intelligence and education concept.

Concentrated schoolgirls in Covid face masks listening to teacher explaining lesson and raising hands to answer question. Smart nerd girls studying in school on coronavirus pandemic. New normal.

African female student e-learning at home on a laptop online video conference with a mentor and taking notes in a notebook

Excited smart schoolgirls raising hands to answer teacher question in school. Angle view of intelligent engaged African American and Caucasian girls studying in classroom. Diversity and education.

An abstract concept of standing at lifes crossroads and not knowing which way to go.

Elderly homeless woman looks into camera with knowing stare.

Distance education. African girl student uses a computer for e-learning and makes notes in a notebook

Portrait of smart positive African American schoolgirl in Covid face mask recording educational video blog in classroom. Confident intelligent girl talking and gesturing blogging in school indoors.

Concentrated intelligent millennial woman reading book at yellow background and smiling. Portrait of confident smart Caucasian lady enjoying literature. Lifestyle and hobby.

Charming pretty Caucasian schoolgirl sitting at desk thinking. Portrait of beautiful thoughtful girl in classroom in junior high school indoors. Knowledge and education concept.

Close-up hand of African American schoolgirl writing with chalk on blackboard. Unrecognizable student learning in classroom in school. Math studying and education.

Tired Caucasian schoolgirl sleeping on desk in classroom with blurred classmate jumping at chalkboard at background. Exhausted overburdened girl falling asleep in school. Exhaustion and tiredness.

Concentrated young teacher in Covid-19 face mask spraying sanitizer for schoolchildren in classroom. Rack focus from tutor to schoolgirls sitting at desk disinfecting hands. Coronavirus education.

Knowing Businessman Retired Takes Call on Cellular and Shares Knowledge With New Young Inexperienced Employee of Large Company

Wide shot of professional teacher and smart schoolgirl standing at chalkboard talking and writing. Intelligent Caucasian girl and tutor in classroom with African American classmate at desk in school.

Middle shot of slim cute redhead woman meditating at yellow background. Portrait of calm Caucasian lady eliminating stress with yoga. Problems solving concept.

Side view of genius little girl writing with chalk on blackboard in classroom. Portrait of concentrated intelligent Caucasian child studying in school or kindergarten indoors. Intelligence education.

A cute woman teacher fun smiles at the children during the lesson and checks knowledge of his pupils who raise their hands up. Children raising hands knowing the answer to the question which asked the

Close-up of smart cute Caucasian girl writing math problem on chalkboard. Bright intelligent pupil learning studying in school indoors. Education and intelligence concept.

Middle school students sitting at desk raising hand and asking blurred teacher question. Back view of diligent smart Caucasian and African American classmates studying in junior high. Educational.

Portrait of confident beautiful young teacher talking to students sitting at desk in classroom holding pills jar. Professional Caucasian tutor teaching schoolchildren. Health care education.

Back view of focused schoolgirl sitting in classroom as blurred African American classmate and Caucasian teacher in Covid face masks talking at chalkboard at background. Coronavirus education concept.

Man returns home to find an eviction noticed posted to his front door, then sits on front step as if worried and not knowing what to do

Confident cute Caucasian girl recording Christmas education video blog talking and gesturing. Portrait of positive smiling charming schoolgirl blogging online on New Year's eve. Hobby and lifestyle.

Nerd Caucasian schoolgirl writing in workbook and raising hand answering teacher question with sad embarrassed blurred African American classmate crossing hands standing at chalkboard.

Smart genius Caucasian schoolgirl writing in workbook and declaiming as African American classmate entering classroom with German flag at background. Intelligent girls in junior high school.

Serious concentrated left-handed schoolgirl writing with chalk on blackboard in classroom. Portrait of beautiful intelligent African American girl studying in school indoors. Secondary education.

Active African American schoolgirl in Covid-19 face mask raising hand answering teacher question in classroom with blurred Caucasian classmate standing at chalkboard at background.

Portrait of smart cute Caucasian schoolgirl talking and smiling standing in classroom with teacher and classmate listening. Intelligent confident girl declaiming poetry in school at lesson.

Cute Caucasian girl with pigtails raising hand looking at camera sitting at desk in classroom. Portrait of confident intelligent schoolgirl posing in school. Education and knowing concept.

Excited interested African American schoolgirl raising hand studying online using smartphone. Positive smart girl learning remotely on coronavirus lockdown. Covid education and intelligence concept.

Portrait of intelligent confident African American schoolgirl sitting in classroom recording video blog on smartphone. Smart beautiful girl explaining math in educational blog. Education and hobby.

Portrait of intelligent genius schoolboy explaining mathematics to little children standing at chalkboard in classroom. Positive smart Caucasian boy talking and writing on blackboard in school.

Cheerful Caucasian friends or siblings waving looking at camera standing in classroom at chalkboard. Positive happy boys and girl posing in school indoors. Education and friendship concept.

Smiling boys looking at cute little girl writing with chalk on blackboard. Positive Caucasian brothers or friends supporting sister studying indoors. Kindergarten and school education.

Happy preschool mixed race boy with raised up hand discovering the world, knowing the answer during geography lesson in kindergarten. Diverse multi ethnic pupils studying globe together with teacher.

Unrecognizable Caucasian young man touching face thinking. Thoughtful guy posing at yellow background. Brainstorming and problems solving concept.

Knowledge Puzzle Pieces Data Analysis Insight Wisdom 3d Animation

Interested african girl student distance education at home using laptop for e-learning

Knowledge Word Maze Research Gain Intelligence 3 D Animation

Know How Skills Experience Knowledge Speedometer 3 D Animation

Teacher elementary school in glasses during the lesson checks knowledge of his pupils who raise their hands up. Children raising hands knowing the answer to the question who asks the teacher

Learn Letter Sphere Education Reading Writing

Portrait of thoughtful redhead young man touching face looking at camera. Middle shot of intelligent Caucasian millennial thinking at yellow background. Ideas and creativity concept.

A handyman attempts to fix a broken lock with a repair manual and a screwdriver clearly not knowing what he is doing.

Young woman with knowing of sign language helping hearing impaired couple to communicate with friends using smart phone in domestic interior. Female assisting deaf-mute people to speak on phone.