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Sad teenager girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day.

Thoughtful Child: Exploring Emotions at Home

Stressed mother face. Close up of upset woman looking at computer screen. Upset mom thinking about work at home. Tired woman working at home


Pensive Black Girl Child Close Up Face Looking Up At Sky

Close-up of teddy bear lying on wooden bench in city park. Lost toy outdoors. Concept of loneliness, abandonment, kidnapping, lost kids.

Adult male expressing grief, sadness and loss


Brothers sit back-to-back on park bench after dispute. Young boy in yellow hoody rests his chin on his hands, looking thoughtfully at camera with hint of sadness, following argument with his sibling


Sad Child Upset Little Girl Emotionally Unhappy

Young mother with upset children going on vacation, wearing face masks at the airport.

Tired bored little girl covering face with hands at restaurant diner, sad child feels exhausted and boredom

Tearful Child Crying After Getting Hurt One Little Boy Cries Upset Small Kid Portrait Face Closeup

10-Group Of Teenagers Boys Supporting Comforting Friend

08 Friends Helping Sad Woman Crying For Sadness And Problems

Empathetic classmate supports distressed student

Boy inside the car and rain


One Sad Little Boy Tearful Child Feeling Displeased 2

Kids and boredom. Close up of boring little preteen girl having nothing to do, tapping fingers, leaning on desk at home


One Sad Little Boy Tearful Child Feeling Displeased

Ukrainian refugee family in station waiting to leave Ukraine due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Challenges of Parenting: A Father and Daughter's Emotional Moment

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 12, 2015: Many clowns take the stage. Festival of clown art Clownfest in Sokolniki Park.

Child Pretending in Playroom: Imaginative Game Center

Young girl expresses emotions in a studio portrait

Melancholic Child on Train - Reflective Moment in Black and White of sad depressed little boy commuting and feeling down emotionally

Sad teenager girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day.

Indonesian Boys Fishing on The Sea Dock Harbour Manado, Indonesia

Sad family man woman and children tiredly using phones during bored weekend near bonfire in nature. Father mother and kids sitting near car

The upset child and her father: Challenges of childhood growth

Sad teenager girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day.

Mother with kids looking for food in a landfill. Poor people. Poor family walking on the heaps garbage.

Medium slowmo of upset Caucasian teen girl sharing her mental problems with African American female psychologist sitting with other kids in circle at bright modern office

Boy leaning on fence while brother plays

Concept Of Frustration Fight Argument With Hispanic Boy Shouting

Sad teenager girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day.

The young person is feeling very down

Portrait of a young girl with expressive eyes feeling upset. Child's emotions and the importance of support.

Challenges of Parenting: Upset Child and Concerned Father

Hand rubbing angry boys head

Heavy couple in their 40s waving and saying goodbye to someone in front of their manufactured home - wide shot

Sad 12 year old girl with down syndrome sitting on windowsill alone drawing, looking at kids playing outside

Troubled Young Woman: Emotions and Feelings

Loving mother comforting her upset daughter at home. Embracing motherhood and the challenges of raising children.

Swings at kids playground 4k

Close-up of a precious baby girl crying in mother's arms. A woman feeding her playful child. Concept of motherhood, challenges in raising kids, love. Slow motion.

Thoughtful children celebrate birthday with cake. Diverse kids' small birthday party. Discover inner peace. Growing up step by step.

The girl is being very sad

Cropped shot of unrecognizable Black male school psychologist taking notes on clipboard while listening to multiethnic kids sharing their mental problems during group therapy session

Siblings sit upset and angry, facing away from each other with displeased expressions