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Focused student schooling in classroom. Diligent pupil writing in notebooks. Smart boy doing class work at lesson in school. Cheerful kid learning science at elementary school with classmates

Focused student schooling in classroom. Diligent pupil writing in notebook. Smart girl talking at lesson in school class. Portrait of cheerful kid learning science at school

Rack focused shot of boy doing homework together with female tutor: kid writing down in notepad while woman in eyeglasses reading textbook aloud


Handheld medium shot of female teacher with short curly hair walking from desk to desk and helping middle school children doing test or assignment during lesson

Nice Caucasian mother teaching children at home. Smiling boy and girl doing homework with mom. Kids writing in exercise books and young woman giving tasks. Education, intelligence, elementary school.

Cute boy is doing homework at table with laptop at home during pandemic spbd. Kid is writing in notebook and looking at computer screen, sitting at desk in light room. Child learning online in

girl child draw write in notebook and wear headphones Rbbro. kid look at laptop screen, listen to teacher class. online distant education. e-learning, home schooling concept. kitchen

Daughter Doing Craft At Home With Father Making Card For Mother Together

kindergarten kids working at school

Handheld medium shot of cute little boy sitting at his desk and writing in notebook in class


Group of kids studying in the class

Crane shot of mixed race children having lesson with teacher at school. Male school teacher explaining task of lesson to pupils. School students writing in exercise books

Tracking shot of cute schoolchildren sitting on blankets on green grass in park on sunny summer day and drawing or writing in notebooks during outdoor art or biology lesson

Portrait of clever girl doing math homework indoors. Closeup diligent kid learning online at home. Smart student writing in notebook next to laptop computer.

Girl having difficulties preparing homework


Group of kids wearing face masks writing while sitting on their desk at school


Group of kids writing while sitting on their desk in class at school


Tilt down shot of girls in face masks sitting at desks in classroom and writing in notebooks during lesson in middle school

A Boy read a Book of Mathematics in a Class Room at School


Group of kids wearing face masks writing while sitting on their desk at school

Close up hand of asian boy reading a book .

Mother helping kid learn to write in copybook

Crane shot of multi ethnic students talking during lesson at school. Cheerful kids having lesson in classroom. Diligent pupils writing in notebooks. Children studying together in school

Medium shot of cute little African-American schoolboy sitting at his desk and writing in exercise book, then raising hand and answering question in class


Group of kids studying in the class

Engrossed multi ethnic boys drawing and painting with colorful chalks and felt-tip pen on easel board in kindergarten. Positive diverse kids expressing creativity and imagination at preschool class.

Caring affectionate african father teaching cute multiethnic preschool son alphabet with educational abc toy on the floor at home, preparing kid for elementary school, teaching to read and write.

Tutor teaching two schoolchildren at home. Caucasian boy and girl doing homework. Kids writing in exercise books and young woman giving tasks. Education, intelligence, elementary school.


Handheld shot of playful 13-year-old boy sitting at desk in classroom and throwing paper ball at smart 12-year-old girl writing in notebook during lesson

Kids raising hands to answer in front of class, shot on R3D

Positive multicultural preschool girls drawing with chalks at blackboard in kindergarten while teacher with kids learning in background. Cute diverse children writing on chalkboard at classroom.

Clever schoolboy making notes in notebook at elementary school. Smart boy writing in exercise book at school lesson. Focused pupil doing class work. Serious kid learning in classroom

Diverse group of children in face masks studying in classroom during coronavirus pandemic. Multi ethnic students writing in notebooks at school lesson. Focused pupils schooling in school auditorium

Selective focus of concentrated and serious schoolgirls and schoolboys in uniforms reading timetable and writing down lessons and time slots in their notebooks

Kid in white t-shirt sticking out tongue, smiling, writing letters in school notebook. Doing homework while sitting at table in kitchen. Slow motion

Confident Latino Boy Smiling At Camera During Math Lesson

Primary school students sitting in class with their laptop computers and doing written tasks in their copybooks

Portrait shot of adorable little girl in lab coat sitting at her desk in classroom and writing in notebook, then smiling for camera

Small boy solves kids exercise in developing book for preschool children unfocused glass with pencils on the foreground

Asian cute boy doing homework with laptop computer at home

learning and people concept - teacher helping school kids writing test in classroom

Pediatrician writing prescription for kid after examination. Healthcare practitioner, physician, specialist in medicine providing health care services consultation diagnostic treatment in hospital.

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Woman tutor or foster parent mum helping cute caucasian school child girl doing homework sitting at kitchen table. Diverse nanny and kid learning writing in notebook studying at home

Elementary school kids at desks in class during a test

Child girl kid schoolgirl with teacher using tablet laptop computer for writing school homework, studying at home. Online distance learning education lesson concept. Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine.

Handheld shot of schoolchildren in lab coats sitting at desks and writing in their notebooks in classroom

Business kid Writing Task List on glass