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Focused elementary age children sitting at desks and listening to female teacher during art lesson in junior school. Diverse smart schoolkids hurrying to raise hands and answer teacher's question

Smiling mixed race female driver of school bus waving goodbye to elementary age kids going to school. Diverse schoolboys and schoolgirls taking turns leaving yellow bus arriving to school

Clever little schoolchildren raising hands during drawing lesson in junior school. Diverse smart students wanting good grade eager to answer teacher's question while sitting at desks in classroom

Cute little girl engrossed in drawing at art lesson in kindergarten with multicultural kids and teacher working in background. Multi ethnic diverse children developing creativity in preschool class.

Tracking shot of group of multiethnic children sitting at desks in modern classroom and using laptop computers


In Elementary School Class: Enthusiastic Teacher walks between Rows of Bright Diverse Children, Explains Lesson. Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning New Stuff. Side View Tracking Shot

Multi ethnic children sitting at round table in classroom. Diligent students drawing in notebooks with colorful pencils. Clever pupils doing task of lesson in school class. Kids studying at school

Young schoolteacher walking in classroom with school students. Diligent pupils doing test on digital tablets at elementary school. Smart children using tablet computers at school lesson

Rear view of engrossed little boys drawing with chalks at easel board with blurry preschool teacher with cute girls playing with colorful didactic toys at kindergarten. Children learning at classroom.

Cute elementary age boy in glasses raising hand and answering teacher's question during lesson at school. Smart primary school students wanting good grades and hurrying to raise hands in classroom

Closeup of multi ethnic children's hands and finger drawing with paints on white paper during art lesson in kindergarten. Creative diverse kids expressing unlimited imagination through finger painting

Overhead shot of male teacher teaching children in school classroom. Young schoolteacher explaining lesson to pupils in auditorium. Crane shot of smart students getting education at elementary school

Back view of elementary age schoolchildren rising from seats to get off school bus. Mixed race woman driver waving goodbye to diverse preadolescent kids leaving school bus and going to school

Beautiful female mixed race teacher and little mulitcultural students working together in craft lesson. Positive kindergarten teacher helping diverse kids with drawing and painting in preschool class.

Overhead view of male teacher teaching pupils in school classroom. Diverse group of kids sitting at round desk in class. Crane shot of smiling schoolteacher helping students to do task during lesson

Close-up portrait of cute preadolescent schoolgirl attentively listening to teacher while sitting at desk in classroom. Curious elementary age students engaged in interesting lesson at primary school

Engrossed multi ethnic boys drawing and painting with colorful chalks and felt-tip pen on easel board in kindergarten. Positive diverse kids expressing creativity and imagination at preschool class.

Mixed race students learning at elementary school. Female teacher standing at blackboard in school class. Lesson is over. Happy children running out of classroom for break between lessons

Group of diverse positive preschool kids with mixed race asian female teacher developing creative abilities, expressing their imagination and ideas through hand painting at art lesson in kindergarten.

Group of interested multiethnic schoolchildren smiling and looking at laptop computer screen while watching something with young male teacher

Multi ethnic children drawing in notebooks at round table. Cheerful kids using colorful pencils. Male teacher helping pupils during lesson in classroom. Crane shot of schoolchildren learning at school

Multi-ethnic school kids standing in a classroom at school 4k

Medium shot of five multiethnic schoolchildren and their smiling teacher using laptop computer together during IT class

Diverse group of children sitting at school desks. Lesson is over. Overhead view of happy pupils running from classroom for break. Crane shot of male teacher standing in school class alone

United group of multiracial high school students lively chatting while walking along school hallway after lesson. Cheerful multinational classmates communicating during school break

Positive mixed race female teacher interested in success of elementary school students during art lesson. Diverse little pupils enthusiastically drawing while teacher controlling creation process

Female teacher with her multicultural pupils studying the world with the help of globe in kindergarten. Preschool diverse children discovering the world, studying planet on globe in geography lesson.

Multicultural preschool children with mixed race teacher painting with hands using watercolors at drawing class. Diverse kids drawing on white paper, creating pictures with hands in kindergarten.

Black teacher with group of children having class about three dimensional technologies. Static 4K shot on Red cinema camera.


In Elementary School Class: Enthusiastic Teacher walks between Rows of Bright Diverse Children, Explains Lesson. Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning New Stuff. Side View Tracking Shot

Little diverse primary school girls studying with african american teacher.

Diverse students learning together at round table in elementary school. Smart pupils writing text in notebooks. Smiling girl making notes in exercise book during lesson in classroom

Multi ethnic diverse preschool children drawing with colorful pencils in kindergarten classroom. Female asian teacher helping multicultural kids express their creativity and imagination at class.

Innovative young generation future technology. Group of six schoolchildren wearing virtual reality headset with raised armsworking on new programing project during class. Slow motion

Crane shot of smiling teacher asking questions to kids in school class. Clever schoolchildren raising hands at lesson in classroom. Mixed race pupils answering questions of schoolteacher at school

Crane shot of male teacher helping students with tablet computers at school. Mixed race kids learning with modern gadgets in classroom. Clever pupils doing classwork on digital tablets at lesson

Mixed race children studying at round table in class. Crane shot of male teacher talking with students in classroom. Smiling schoolteacher helping pupils during class work at elementary school

Primary school students sitting in class with their laptop computers and doing written tasks in their copybooks

Diverse secondary school students entering classroom for biology lesson and taking their places. Group of multinational teenage pupils greeting mixed race female teacher and taking seats at desks

Mixed race kids sitting at desks in school class. Female teacher checking children home work in classroom. Smart students raising hands at school. Clever pupils answering questions at school lesson

Group of young friends age 7 - 13 looking at a digital tablet together smiling and talking in slow motion

Top view of diverse children hands doing finger painting with various colors on white paper in kindergarten with help of female teacher. Creative multicultural kids hand painting at art lesson.

Black teacher with group of children having class about three dimensional technologies. Movement 4K shot on Red cinema camera.

Diverse group of children doing class work on digital tablets in classroom. Crane shot of focused pupils using touchpad of tablet computers. Male teacher helping kids with modern gadgets at lesson

Group of three multi ethnic young girls age 11 - 12 sharing technology and telling stories while holding a smart phone and acting surprised in slow motion

Group of four children sitting in coding computer class and raising hands when teacher asks questions


In Elementary School Class: Enthusiastic Teacher walks between Rows of Bright Diverse Children, Explains Lesson. Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning New Stuff. Side View Tracking Shot

Close up of a group of young girls swinging their bare feet back and forth while sitting