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Crane shot of smart schoolchildren having lesson at school. Male teacher helping kids at lesson at elementary school. Overhead view of multi ethnic pupils studying science in classroom

Multi ethnic children sitting at round table in classroom. Diligent students drawing in notebooks with colorful pencils. Clever pupils doing task of lesson in school class. Kids studying at school

Young schoolteacher walking in classroom with school students. Diligent pupils doing test on digital tablets at elementary school. Smart children using tablet computers at school lesson


In Elementary School Class: Enthusiastic Teacher walks between Rows of Bright Diverse Children, Explains Lesson. Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning New Stuff. Side View Tracking Shot

Focused elementary age children sitting at desks and listening to female teacher during art lesson in junior school. Diverse smart schoolkids hurrying to raise hands and answer teacher's question

Crane shot of male teacher helping students with tablet computers at school. Mixed race kids learning with modern gadgets in classroom. Clever pupils doing classwork on digital tablets at lesson

Tilt Up Of Empty Elementary School Classroom Stock Video Footage


Young child learning to swim with floating tube in a swimming pool

Cute little girl engrossed in drawing at art lesson in kindergarten with multicultural kids and teacher working in background. Multi ethnic diverse children developing creativity in preschool class.

Finger kid touch on touch-pad, play game or education concept.

Smart Boy playing in Preschool Kindergarden

A teacher among small school children on the lesson, explaining.

Cute elementary age boy in glasses raising hand and answering teacher's question during lesson at school. Smart primary school students wanting good grades and hurrying to raise hands in classroom

Two elementary school kids using tablet computer in a lesson

Clever little schoolchildren raising hands during drawing lesson in junior school. Diverse smart students wanting good grade eager to answer teacher's question while sitting at desks in classroom

Positive mixed race daycare teacher and diverse multicultural kids learning and playing together in international kindergarten. Mulitnational pupils studying with didactic toys and book in classroom.

Closeup of multi ethnic children's hands and finger drawing with paints on white paper during art lesson in kindergarten. Creative diverse kids expressing unlimited imagination through finger painting

Top view, a group of elementary school kindergarten children taking pencils draw drawings with a teacher at the classroom drawing lesson, slow motion

Infant school kids giving their teacher a high five in the classroom after learning, selective focus

Elementary school kids raising hands to teacher, back view

School kids counting with fingers at an elementary school

Crane shot of smiling teacher asking questions to kids in school class. Clever schoolchildren raising hands at lesson in classroom. Mixed race pupils answering questions of schoolteacher at school

African-american teachers with group of small children outdoors in nature, learning group education concept.

Lockdown rear view of group of middle school students walking along hallway wearing uniform and school backpacks chatting

Diverse group of children in face masks studying in classroom during coronavirus pandemic. Multi ethnic students writing in notebooks at school lesson. Focused pupils schooling in school auditorium

Elementary school kids raising hands to teacher in class

Group of kids using digital tablet in the class

Portrait of female mixed race teacher and preschool diverse students learning, interacting and discussing in international kindergarten class. Carefree multiracial kids and teacher studying at lesson.

Group of kids raising their hands in the class at school

5th grade math class watches teacher, back view, shot on R3D

Kid finger on touch pad close up

Teacher helping high school students with technology

Positive carefree diverse kids with mixed race teacher learning hand painting at art lesson in kindergarten. Preschooler mixed race boy with hands in watercolors creating pictures in painting lesson.

Elementary school kids at desks in class during a test

Dolly shot of young boy concentrating on reading a book with just his eyes visible over the top as he studies for class

Confident Latino Boy Smiling At Camera During Math Lesson

Diverse group of children doing class work on digital tablets in classroom. Crane shot of focused pupils using touchpad of tablet computers. Male teacher helping kids with modern gadgets at lesson

Teacher reading kids a story in an elementary school class

Kid hands on laptop touch pad sliding

Group of kids reading books

Top view of diverse children hands doing finger painting with various colors on white paper in kindergarten with help of female teacher. Creative multicultural kids hand painting at art lesson.

Positive caring handsome african father and joyful adorable preschooler mixed race son networking with laptop pc on bed, communicating ,watching online educational and developing programs for kids.

17-Family Grandpa Teaching Boy To Fly Kite Slowmotion

education, science, technology, children and people concept - group of smiling kids or students with tablet pc computer programming electric windmill toy at robotics school lesson

Three pupils working together in elementary school lesson

Multi ethnic children drawing in notebooks at round table. Cheerful kids using colorful pencils. Male teacher helping pupils during lesson in classroom. Crane shot of schoolchildren learning at school

Sliding towards kid on laptop computer at home

Group of kids with school bags crossing the road