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Hoarding: Piles of old boxes, documents and other old items spill out into lawn

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 06. 2014. Grounds maintenance. Garbage removal. Garbage truck.

War in Ukraine - burned cars in Irpin, Bucha district

Throwing Away Trash

Throwing Out Junk Mail

Kyiv, Ukraine - 23. 07. 2021: Garbage truck with tractor and bulldozer on the landfill site pile. Aerial top view.

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 06. 2014. Garbage car down the container. Removal of garbage from the apartment.

Hoarding: Piles of old boxes, documents and other old items spill out into lawn

homeowner removing grout and vacuuming debris

Construction waste in a container on the street

Waste recycling. Secondary raw materials. Garbage removal.

Workman using skrewdriver to remove rusty debris from the corroded metal gate, ruined eroded steel fence on construction site, metal grid in

Overloaded truck is filled with items on trip across US - Mexico border.

ROME, ITALY - NOVEMBER 21, 2021: Local garbage truck lifting plastic trash bin removing garbage and throwing into truck collector, public service in Rome, cleaning streets from dirty trash

Aerial view. City dump. The garbage truck in the dump. Aerial drone shot of the ecological damage. Flight over the urban refuse dump. Big piles of garbage trash.

Workman using electric grinder for removing corroded steel surface before coating with anticorrosion chemical solution, reconstruction work

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 06. 2014. Upload waste into the garbage machine. Garbage removal.

Heavy corroded metal surface, workman removing rusty remnants with grinding machine and steel nozzle, rubbing metal surface before coating

New repair and relocation

Seamless looping animation: Water bottles drift out of blue recycling bins


Dump Truck Parked in Front of Building

ROME, ITALY - NOVEMBER 21, 2021: Garbage truck with blinking yellow lights driving along the street road at night and collecting trash from plastic garbage bins, public service in Rome, removing dirty

Dumping Garbage

Service Maintenance

Woman collects rubbish to trash bag in forest, conservationist cleans natural landscape of trash. Activist eco-friendly waste management

Dumpster with construction

Reverse Colliding

Bird's-eye view. Clip. A huge industrial zone with pipes from which smoke comes, and stone buildings of factories.

Moving items from demolished house

Active young woman collects rubbish to trash bag in forest, eco-friendly cleanup. Volunteer cleans nature preserve. Conscious citizen

Destroyed military hardware in Bucha, Ukraine