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Old Streets of Ireland. Ireland. Kilkenny. 2023

Handheld POV close up with slowmo of cheerful multi-ethnic group of friends in green hats having fun together on St Patricks Day celebrating in Irish pub

Fly over footbridges across Liffey river in city centre in evening. People enjoying night city outdoors. Dublin, Ireland


Flying over the mysterious towers of Ireland 4k

People walking in evening town. Outdoor terraces in front of restaurants on street. City at dusk. Killarney, Ireland in 2021

Flying over a beautiful European city in Europe. Waterford Ireland 4k

Kilkenny town centre street in Ireland. People and cars, restaurants and shops.


Flying over the mysterious towers of Ireland 4k

The old town centre street in Ireland. Kilkenny 2023

Forwards fly above narrowing street in town centre. Shops and services in houses along street. Ennis, Ireland

Descending footage of Liffey river and its waterfronts. Pedestrians at Hapenny footbridge. Dublin, Ireland

Folklore dance outdoors. Closeup of group of people dancing Irish national dance. Folk dancers background. National entertainment in traditional dress

A time-lapse of Quay street in Galway city.

Friends enjoying St. Patrick's Day at an Irish pub, having fun and dancing


Flying over the mysterious towers of Ireland 4k

Kilkenny, Ireland, 2023: The main street of the old town of Kilkenny decorated with flags

People dancing foots in orange Irish national clothing. Closeup of feets dancing Irish national dance. Folklore dancers background. National entertainment

Rope bridge: Ireland ocean shore aerial view. Carrick-a-rede majestic landmark. Breathtaking attraction for brave people in Antrim county

Public transport in city. Buses and tram driving on bridge across Liffey river. Tilt up reveal of cityscape. Dublin, Ireland

Sun ocean coast with people at island aerial. Nature landscape. Tourist attraction. Serene seascape at autumn sunny day. Carrick Islet

Cliffs of Moher steep precipice, Ireland tourist destination 4k

Aerial people on sun ocean shore. Tourists at sea bay with cliff coast. Nature seascape at Irish landmark. Rock isle landscape with

Descending footage of street in evening town. Road with crosswalk and flashing warn lights. Killarney, Ireland in 2021

Forwards fly above River Liffey. Aerial hyperlapse footage of evening traffic on waterfront illuminated by street lights. Low clouds above city. Dublin, Ireland

Cave of the Cliffs of Moher in 4k

Top-view PAN with slow-mo of multi-ethnic company of friends toasting drinks sitting in Irish pub on St Patricks Day

Slow-motion closeup of multi-ethnic friends partying together in local Irish pub, toasting glasses of beer and having fun

Ancient city located on a picturesque site by the Nore River 4k

Cheerful man celebrates St. Patrick's Day with friends in pub

Aerial view of tourists standing on a coastal cliff in Ireland. People hiking on grassy peak. Cinematic autumn Irish landscape

Slow-motion shot of diverse friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Irish pub

Fly over the miniature buildings of Irish towns 4k

Cliffs of Moher steep precipice, Ireland tourist destination, aerial view 4k

Fly over the beautiful building of St. Peters College Wexford 4k

WS PAN Tombstone and Stone Wall with Green Fields in Background / Ireland

Pressing signal button crossing the street in Ireland Kilkenny

Slow-motion medium close-up of happy company of friends toasting beer glasses celebrating St Patricks Day in local Irish pub

Medium close-up with slowmo of caucasian bearded man wearing traditional Irish hat with clover poster dancing with friends in local pub celebrating St Patricks Day

The Rock of Cashel is an ancient site of immense historical significance

Medieval Ruins of Charles Fort, Tourist Sightseeing Place in Ireland

Slow-motion medium closeup of joyful multi-ethnic friends in funny Irish costumes partying together in local pub dancing and laughing

Slow-motion top-view shot of cheerful company of friends having party in local pub on St Patricks Day

The high street of an ancient town in Ireland. Kilkenny. 2023

Sunset at ocean coast aerial. Nature landscape with people at isle. Tourist attraction with seascape at summer sun set. Carrick Island

Fly over the beautiful Cliffs of Moher off the west coast of Ireland

Pedestrians walking on footbridge across river in evening city. Ascending footage of town after sunset. Dublin, Ireland


Ancient gate. Ballysaggartmore Towers in 4k

Drone flying over the waves on a wide sandy beach at sunset 4k