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troop of historical gladiators marching together. shot on Red Epic

Film burn lens flares and leaks horizontal flashes. Film rolling effect.

Wedding titles copy space for text animated flower, leaf wreath floral decoration Text Frame With alpha channel.


Business Woman with curly hair storing a silber bar ingot inside safe vault room

Interconnection Network Data Cloud Connection Technology Digitalization

Dust, dirt, scratches, hairs old damaged surface. Grunge texture. Retro vintage effect on black background.

Liquid Transition Animation Flash FX Comic Motion Elements with Alpha channel

16mm film damage - hard counter sepia

snow winter landscape. aerial view. sunset dusk. nature landscape

Flying in clouds. Sky background


Dust and scratches grunge doodle overlay. Retro vintage effect.

Business and stock market concept, silhouette of the Earth planet surrounded by numbers, diagrams, and connected lines. Animation. Abstract

Sharpened Old Photographic Film Look With Sides

Energy-saving light bulb

Film Burn - Blue Red

Animation colored portal. Glowing energy portal

Old Film Look Overlays Pack - 5 In 1 (4 Part)


Animation of moving color patterns with zoom

Old damaged film surface texture noise, dirt and grain. Dynamic film rolling effect. 16mm, 35mm tape texture. Retro vintage effect.

Time Lapse: Fog Rising - Stunning Mountain Landscape in Cloudy Weather

business buildings. city. bank banking. skyline. real estate. landmarks

2 versions of an old-fashioned film countdown leader (color and desaturated sepia) with crackling audio.

A collection of film slips, film leader, and other effects composited over each other. Includes film projector audio. Please see my large collection of film textures and effects for more clips like this.

Bokeh Particles With Flare Center Fly Through


Isolated Green Screen of A Woman in Black Dress with Digital Device in Hand

Fly through the clouds

Ethereal Blue Particles Drifting on Dark Background

Super 8 Or 16 MM Retro Kodak Overlay Effect With Light Leaks And Film Grain

particle transitions 10 explosions pack 1.0

Blue Bokeh Particles With Horizon Line

Abstract Yellow Particles Flow, Award Background


Animation of whirl with moving color patterns

Pixel planet Earth animation. Animation of space with digital exploding Earth, Abstract world map background. Rotating globe, shining

Abstract neon frame, fluorescent light. Loop animation.

This is a montage of authentic film leader elements taken from old public domain films, followed by a SMPTE Universal Leader countdown, and ending with several seconds of dust and scratches. Includes audio. Credit: Library of Congress

Tv Static Looped Footage

Bokeh Particles With Flare Center All Width

Intro Style Flare 147


Violet neon night plate changing brightness with the inscription Open

Hand Drawn Transitions is a motion graphics pack features stylishly designed and creatively animated hand-drawn liquid transitioning effects in 4K resolution. Alpha channel and matte included

A collection of old 8mm and 16mm film flickers, light leaks, dust and scratches, film perforations, and film strip slips. Includes projector audio. Please see my large collection of film textures and effects for more clips like this.

Multimedia Video Wall

Fluid Art Serenade Cerulean Cascade of Blue and White Color Paint Drops in Water

Super 8mm film frame with alpha channel.


Atmospheric 3D visualization of a neon pink ring encased in dense, mystical purple clouds, set against vertical light beams creating a


Mesmerizing 3D visualization of a vibrant neon pink ring hovering over a rocky terrain enveloped in dense, multi-colored clouds, creating a


Surreal 3D digital art featuring a neon yellow and green ring floating above a textured marble surface, enveloped by ethereal green clouds


Aerial 3D visualization of a neon green and yellow ring floating above a marble-like terrain surrounded by dense, swirling clouds, conveying