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Professional athlete ride indoor bike trainer during high intensity effort workout. Cyclist prepares for summer racing season at home, checks fitness watch to see heart rate stats

Sportsman doing battle rope exercise in a crossfit workout at the gym. High-intensity interval training. Exercise / fitness. Muscular male. Slow motion 100FPS.

Muscular man training with battle ropes in modern gym. Excited male athlete doing intensity fitness workout. Sporty guy with naked torso practicing physical exercise in loft building

The blot is iridescent in blue tones

Back view muscular man doing wide grip pull ups on horizontal bar. Powerful athlete pumping arm muscles with chin ups in gym. Strong bodybuilder making intensity training during training session

Active boxer training in loft building. Male athlete preparing for fight competition. African american man having intensity workout in sport club. Strong man training in gym

Exhausted sportsman with naked torso standing in sport club. Closeup strong man breathing heavy after intensity training in modern gym. Portrait of tired athlete feeling tired during training session

Pretty strong confident young woman in military uniform push-ups in a deserted factory. High-heeled shoes lie in the foreground. Part of his cross fitness workout. High-intensity interval training.

Fitness girl doing stretching exercises before training in loft building. Young woman warming body in gym. Athletic sportswoman getting ready for intensity training in fitness gym

Portrait of exhausted woman standing in sport club. Female bodybuilder taking rest between exercises of intensity training in gym. Sporty girl breathing deeply after fitness workout

Muscular man using jump rope for training in gym. Athletic man performing jumps on skipping rope. Fitness sportsman with naked torso doing intensity training in sport club

African american sports woman using battle ropes during workout in gym. Strong female athlete having training session with battle ropes. Athletic girl doing intensity training in sport club

Powerful man using battle ropes during workout in gym. Muscular male athlete doing fitness exercise with sports equipment. Fitness man doing intensity training in sport club

Athletic sportswoman exercising with heavy dumbbells in crossfit gym. Strong woman doing squats with lunges. Fitness girl in sportswear making intensity training during crossfit session

Fit healthy young athletic woman stretch and prepare for morning workout routine or run. High intensity training on road to success. Epic cinematic top of hill location. Determination for goal

Athletic sportswoman stretching legs before intensity training. Sporty girl warming muscles in fitness gym. Female athlete preparing body for workout in sport club

Sportive man hitting rubber tire with hammer during intensity training in gym. Strong man exercising with sledgehammer for strength workout. Male athlete using sports equipment in sport club

Male powerlifter doing weightlifting exercise in fitness gym. Strong man with naked torso performing front squat in sport club. Fitness man lifting weights during intensity training with barbell

Close-up of fit female high-intensity interval training using battle ropes

Strong man having sport challenge in gym. Male athlete making push ups on floor. Active sportsman doing intensity training in sports club. Sporty man with with naked torso performing fitness exercise

Athletic man lifting weights during intensity workout. Male bodybuilder doing strength exercises with barbell in gym. Fitness man practicing fitness training in sport club

Powerful boxer doing intensity training in sport club. Afro man kicking punch bag during boxing workout. Active sportsman in gloves training kicks on sports bag. Fit man boxing punching bag in gym

Energetic sportswoman doing cardio workout with skipping rope. Sporty girl jumping on jump rope in gym. Female athlete doing fitness exercise. Active woman having intensity training

African american man boxing with naked torso in fighting club. Male boxer practicing kicks during intensity training. Aggressive sportsman kicking punching bag in modern gym

businesswoman with tablet pc in front of bright wall

Powerful sportsman doing intensity training in gym. African american man kicking punch bag during boxing workout. Active boxer in gloves training kicks on sports bag

Young man and woman lifting weights in a gym as they train together toning and strengthening their muscles , light on background

Man doing burpee workout at fitness studio. High-intensity interval training. Young man practicing burpee exercise

Midsection footage of unrecognizable male artist holding colorful oil paint palette loading mixing colors with paintbrush standing alone in dark art studio

Screaming man lifting weights in modern gym. Strong man shoulder press exercise during sport training. Shirtless sportsman having intensity workout. Screaming athlete training with barbell

Exhausted guy doing strength exercise in sport club. Powerful man beating big tire with hammer. Energetic sportsman performing intensity workout in gym. Male trainer holding sledgehammer in hands

Intensifying Light Beams

Real falling dust particles out of focus in front of a very high intensity sunlight.

Athletic girl doing squats with high jumps in modern gym. Female athlete practicing physical exercises in sport gym. Sportive woman making intensity training for weight loss

Aggressive sportsman kicking punch bag during intensity workout. Male boxer boxing punching bag in sport club. Sporty man wearing boxing gloves for physical exercises. Afro man training box in gym

Female bodybuilder in sportswear practicing booty workout in gym. Sporty girl doing squats with lunges during fitness workout. Athletic woman making intensity training in loft building

Male kickboxer using boxing tapes for training. Closeup afro man getting ready for kickboxing fight in gym. Strong sportsman preparing hands for intensity workout with punching bag in sport club

Focused man beating big tire with hammer at fitness workout. Male bodybuilder using sledgehammer during intensity training. Muscular man exercising in gym with sports equipment

Extreme close up - young woman's pretty eyes blinking - Slow Motion - shot on RED

Angry male boxer training in loft building. Strong man exercising in gym with punching bag. African american man preparing for fight competition. Sportsman having intensity workout in sport club

A lot of black ink flows on white moving in slow motion, ink or smoke inject . Writing ink falls in water for Inky or smoky background or ink effects. Use luma matte like alpha mask or alpha channel

Smears of multicolored watercolor

Athletic female high-intensity interval training using battle ropes

Strong young athlete training with dumbbell. Close up young bodybuilder exercising with dumbbell on dark background. Sweat and intensity.

Sportive man wriggling out with battle ropes in a gym. . High-intensity interval training. Exercise / fitness. Muscular male. Three levels of scabbless training.


Asian Young active female doing plank exercise for stronger core six packs abs, muscle stressed and pain, fitness motivation training on floor mat, woman looking out window, high intensity workout

Male powerlifter lifting weights in fitness gym. Portrait of powerful man holding heavy barbell on shoulders. Fit sportsman with naked torso having intensity training in sport club

Close-up shot. Red color decomposing in water and move in slow motion. Use for inky background or backdrop with smoke or ink effects, alpha channel is on use for it luma matte