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Meeting of military male and female people who deciding serious issues of army. Woman handing secrets documents to men and women in uniforms whos itting round the table.

Mixed-races man and woman, officers in camouflage talking and discussing some official data in documents in monitoring room with screens. Male and female army officials working on war strategy.

Diverse military surveillance team controlling mission on national security in central office hub, standing by laptop computer and watching footages of target from satellite

Diverse team of software engineers analyzing code on wall screen tv, using digital tablet and working with artficial intelligence. Coders parsing cloud computing project with big data.


Full pan no people shot of screen with satellite surveillance, computer screens with suspect profile, fingerprints, crime maps, table with forensic evidence, at detectives office at police department

Young security officer tracking target with satellite footage in central office hub

Computer monitors displaying parsing code in empty it agency office and computers compiling data algorithms in background. Artificial intelligence servers cloud computing in data room.


Indian employee uses greenscreen and surveillance CCTV footage to monitor the city traffic, ensuring public safety. Agency worker looking at


Close-up tilt down shot of screen with orbital surveillance camera footage, computer screens with suspect photo, finger and palm prints, crime map with criminal profiles, at bureau of investigations

Troops conference concept. Male and female mixed-races soldiers and generals sitting around table and looking at screen while planning military operation.

Young man watching surveillance footage and map, speaking with colleague in intelligence agency

Criminal experts analyzing intelligence

Generic President - Tilt up from seal to desk HD

Asian military surveillance officer watching satellite tracking footage of target on computer monitor while sitting at desk in central office hub working there with colleagues

Cropped closeup with slowmo of male security officer speaking in microphone headset while monitoring satellite cameras on computer display in dark office


Zoom-in no people shot of pin board on wall at federal intelligence or law enforcement agency, with photos of suspects, APBs, maps, newspaper articles, crime scene photos, desk, chair

African American soldier working in military center

Private inspector review case files, reading confidential reports to evaluate evidence authenticity in police agency archive. Detective

Law agents gathering intelligence


Isolated greenscreen display running on a tablet in military power base, soldiers follow surveillance footage to stay alert in case of a

Desk with multiple computer monitors displaying neural network visualisation and artificial intelligence parsing code. Empty software developing agency office with servers cloud computing.

Israeli soldiers in a military command and control room looking at screens

Software engineers analyzing code on wall screen tv comparing errors using digital tablet next to programer working with artficial intelligence. Team of coders working on cloud computing project.

Slow motion portrait of young security officer monitoring cameras in central office hub


Woman sergeant major working on deployment of electronic warfare tools to disrupt enemy communications. Female army soldier with camouflage

Private inspectors looking at case files

Multiethnic male and female army officials standing in monitoring room and discussing war operation strategy. Caucasian woman with tablet device and African American man with laptop computer.

Caucasian female investigator calls police agency office and requests forensic report to establish legality of evidence. Private detective

Senior Caucasian male military surveillance officer in wheelchair controlling mission completion tracking cameras on laptop in dark office and making notes


Aircraft maintenance technician coordinating air support to provide for ground troops, ensures correct functioning for future warfare

Close up of Caucasian middle-aged woman in headset talking via videochat in monitoring room in army. Female soldier having chat via webcam in military center. African American colleague on background.

Asian military surveillance officer working on city tracking operation, monitoring satellite cameras on computer displays in dark central office hub

Female investigator makes phone call in police agency office inquiring for forensic report to determine legitimacy of evidence. Detective


Public agency office station equipped with satellite CCTV camera system, monitoring traffic through video surveillance footage. Running

Slowmo of security officer using walkie talkie to cooperate with colleagues while tracing target on CCTV cameras in office


Special operations soldier allocating resources to different units based on mission needs, examines strategic data on a big screen in

Experts discussing detective strategy using greenscreen on tablet, working in incident room at police agency. Investigators team undertaking

Tired crime expert working on case, using surveillance footage as evidence. Professional detective being under pressure to solve case and

Desk with multiple computer monitors displaying parsing code and programming language compiling in empty software developing agency office. Servers cloud computing big data algorithms.

African American man working in military data center

African American naval general coming in office for conference and talking to Caucasian women about marine dislocation. Planning of militarian operation at army staff meeting.


Infantry unit leader examines big data on a screen in military monitoring room and command center. Male army officer ensures national safety

Diverse team working on military operation and strategy

Concept of modern security and surveillance

Computer screens on desk in empty data room and computers in background running programming code data algorithms. Neural network servers cloud computing in software it agency office.


National guard machinist managing cybersecurity measures to protect federal government data from enemy breaches. Army troop conducting

Mature military surveillance commander monitoring operation in control room


Officers team managing air traffic control for military aircrafts within the operational area, using CCTV radar surveillance. Evaluating and