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Handheld slowmo shot of diverse group of friends dancing with their arms raised at house party

Slow-motion footage of friends dancing with raised arms at a house party

Slowmo shot of multiethnic group of happy friends laughing and toasting during house party

Diverse group dancing together at house party

Overhead shot of multi-cultural group of friends at home playing cards and drinking beer and wine together - shot in slow motion


Medium full shot of young Mexican husband and wife preparing for house party, putting food on table, hanging garland, friends arriving with pineapple and tequila, greeting, hugging and kissing

Group of friends celebrating in Halloween costumes at a lively house party

Close-up shot of beer bottles, cocktails, empty paper glasses and bowls with nacho chips on table in preparation for house party, in blue and pink neon light

Slowmo PAN with mid-section of people dancing at house party as unrecognizable male DJ playing music


Full vertical shot of joyous young Mexican woman walking into living room at house party with tray of margarita cocktails and snacks, giving to friends, who are cheering and raising glasses for toast

Slowmo tilt up of DJ wearing Halloween makeup, holding cup and playing music at house party. Young woman dancing.

Joyful gathering: Young friends of different backgrounds celebrate weekends, toasting with beverages in the kitchen

Group of enthusiastic young people dancing and jumping at house party with DJ on turntable. Neon sign illuminates the wall.

Joyful European woman dancing and smiling at a friendly gathering with diverse friends in slow motion close-up.

Close-up shot of energetic dancing and jumping at a lively house party with a female DJ


Full shot of cheerful Mexican man playing music on guitar, and guy in sombrero dancing with beautiful girl with flower in hair, while enjoying themselves at house party for Cinco de Mayo

Friends at a House Party: Casual Conversation at the Kitchen Table

Mess After A House Party Keg And Cups On The Lawn

Young people celebrate friendship and life at casual house party - slow motion.

Excited fun happy multiethnic friends celebrate victory and success dancing together with golden confetti at house party

Successful African American freelance worker celebrating victory with multiethnic colleagues at house party slow motion.

Low section of stylish fancy people dancing on rug during house party at night


Medium close-up tracking footage of young Hispanic woman carrying plate of tacos, nachos and guacamole to beautiful dinner table with flowers and cacti, while preparing for house party with friends

Young people having fun at house party, dancing and jumping around table with beverages and DJ turntable, in neon disco ball lights

Young women enjoy pizza at a kitchen house party in slow motion.

Joyful student dancing with friends at house party in slow motion.

Slow motion shot of group dancing at house party with DJ in background. Neon sign on wall.

friends drinking and toasting champagne at the party

Male DJ playing music at house party with diverse crowd dancing and having fun


Medium close-up slowmo shot of young Mexican people having fun at house party - guy in sombrero holding girls hand, happy girl swirling around, and man in bright shirt playing guitar

Young women celebrating with drinks and taking a selfie at a house party. Men chatting in the background.

Energetic young man dancing at house party with disco lights

Joyful diverse friends enjoying food and conversation at house party


Full vertical shot of happy young Mexican woman with long curly hair, in dress dancing with maracas to mariachi music at house party, while celebrating Cinco de Mayo with group of friends

Guy and girl at house party with friends sit down alone, together talk, smiling and laughing. Concept of interest, feelings, falling in love

Joyful diverse friends celebrating and enjoying time together at a lively gathering

Slowmo of multiethnic group of friends having house party. They are holding beer bottles and dancing together in living room


Medium footage of two young Mexican or Hispanic men in colourful shirts and woman with scarf on hair, in bright dress standing under garland at house party, chatting, laughing, enjoying cocktails

Panning shot of diverse friends celebrating with pizza at a casual house party

Handheld POV of multiethnic friends clinking beer and soft drinks and eating street food while having cozy house party on weekend together

Slow motion footage of joyful young individuals dancing at a gathering and exchanging high-fives with the DJ

Young adults in costumes dancing and celebrating at a house party


Medium vertical footage of young Hispanic woman with dark wavy hair and headband sitting at dinner table at house party, holding margarita cocktail, having conversation with friends

Group of people at living room playing with balloon, have fun

DJ Hands Close-up mixing Music in a House Party

Slowmo shot of group of friends drinking beer and chatting together at house party


Medium vertical zoom out portrait shot of beautiful Mexican girl in sombrero dancing with maracas, smiling, while having fun at Cinco de Mayo house party


Medium close-up portrait shot of three Mexican people, 2 girls in colourful dresses, holding bowl of salad, and bearded man with beer, posing for fun photos under ribbon garlands at house party