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Happy Waitress Working At Restaurant Taking Food Orders While Interacting With Customers Traditional Female Server Occupation In Local Business Wearing Apron


Staff providing great services for hotel guests in lobby, presenting leisure facilities available at five star holiday resort. Asian women

Slow motion of proud restaurant owner

Two chef cook restaurant workers in fine dining hospitality industry kitchen

Portrait of two chef cooks working in hospitality industry kitchen


Asian woman hotel concierge wearing elegant uniform with bow, working in hospitality industry as a receptionist. Reception desk

Smiling Waitress In Apron Takes Customer Orders In Local Restaurant Business

Waitress Taking Customers Food Orders In Restaurant Female Server Interacting With Patrons In Traditional Cafeteria


Tourist offering cash money as a tip to bellboy, being pleased with customer services at five star hotel. Asian woman tipping waiter in

Male Chef cook working in hospitality industry kitchen


Receptionist posing with service bell and ringing it on camera, expressing from front desk staff. Asian hotel concierge with hospitality

Overhead of friends splitting dinner bill


Hospitality industry worker using smartphone app over grey background, looking at online information to confirm room reservations. Asian

Hotel guest pays cash for coffee cup, giving money to woman receptionist for great services in lounge area. Customer requesting beverage

Male Chef Holding Food Plate In Commercial Kitchen

Slow motion of friends chatting in wine bar

Chef cook working in hospitality industry kitchen

Close up of service bell next to mini plant on warm hospitality industry hotel lobby check in desk. Elegant concierge bell on modern stylish

Friends splitting the bill in restaurant

Slow motion of friends eating dinner in restaurant

HELSINKI, FINLAND - JULY 12, 2017: The waiters are serving the tables before the reception in the restaurant

Zoomed-in view of elderly cafeteria personnel with apron, arms folded. Seasoned dining establishment manager inside eatery setting.


of fresh with fruit juice closeup. Refreshing beverage to satisfy taste buds in bar. Exotic long drink for celebrations

Hotel worker indicates timeout sign in studio, asking for work break and presenting hospitality and travel sector. Stylish doorkeeper in

Restaurant owner couple smiling and laughing

Slow motion of friends entering wine bar wearing masks

Close up of hotel lounge check in reception in brand new opening resort awaiting guests. Concierge bell, tourists accommodation info folder


Asian hotel guest asking receptionist about amenities upon her arrival at five star resort, showing her room reservation at front desk


Client offering cash money to hotel concierge after serving coffee, giving tip to male employee in lounge area. Woman feeling pleased with

Wide angle shot of travel accommodation hotel lounge with check in reception desk. Stylish empty modern resort foyer interior with cozy

Chef cooks using mobile tablet device to create nutritional diet

Smiling professional chef working in hospitality restaurant kitchen

News presenter discusses tourism events and presenting new events in newsroom, talking about hospitality industry development during summer

Waitress Writing Down Food Orders On Notepad Standing By Customers Inside Restaurant Female Server Working At In Traditional Cafeteria


Asian receptionist reading a literature book over grey background, enjoying lecture hobby with a novel story in studio. Hotel concierge

Close up of elegant modern stylish hospitality industry lounge hotel lobby check in desk. Empty welcoming resort lobby reception counter


Front desk team staff welcoming hotel guest at reception, smiling and offering their concierge services to ensure pleasant relaxed stay


Asian traveler paying for coffee with mobile phone app, using nfc payment at pos terminal, buying drink from hotel bar. Asian customer


Empty hotel reception lobby with expensive decor used to attract customers and important guests. Front desk and lounge area decorated with

Slow motion of friends entering wine bar

African american wheelchair user sitting in lounge area and waiting for room check in with husband, dealing with chronic disability and

Food preparation chef cooking in hospitality industry kitchen


Professional waiter serving coffee for asian client at hotel, ensuring pleasant stay for guest and offering great customer service. Young


Hospitality industry worker making a list of reservations at hotel, ensuring bookings with clipboard papers in studio. Asian concierge


Customer ordering coffee and paying with credit card, waiter serving drink and holding pos terminal to receive payment. Asian woman


Front desk staff playing music on headphones using phone app, enjoying songs on radio and dancing in studio. Asian employee having fun


Hotel client solving issues on laptop in lounge area, waiting to register and see accommodation. Asian tourist time on pc, waiting to be

Woman wheelchair user sitting in lounge area and waiting for accommodation check in with husband, dealing with physical disability and