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Doctors feet running down hospital corridor with gurney close up. Unknown medics team moving quickly to emergency room. Medical professionals pushing stretcher hurrying on operation. Health concept.

Interiors of modern medical clinic hallway with no people. Wide shot hospital corridor indoors. Medicine and health care concept.

PAN with wide shot of dark and empty hospital hallway

Empty hospital corridor interior. Empty hallway hospital. White wall in corridor hospital. Factory white corridor. Long corridor with doors. Pharmaceutical factory hallway. Clinic hallway


Diverse doctors discussing work in corridor at hospital, slow motion

Hospital corridor in a clinic

Walking slowly down a corridor hospital hall way with tiled floor and doors leading off on either side with white walls and ceiling

Dark long corridor with a bed in the hospital.

Corridor in a hospital


Happy diverse doctors talking and walking in corridor at hospital, slow motion

Group of emergency physicians in protective suits giving BVM ventilation and IV fluid to coronavirus patient while pushing him on gurney through hospital hallway

Medical workers moving patient on gurney through hospital corridor

Hospital Corridor with medical personal - blurred background

Handheld documentary style shot of empty hospital corridor with medical equipment electrical machines. Patient monitor for state of health

Serene hallway at the medical center

Portrait of caucasian male doctor smiling while using digital tablet in the corridor at hospital

Long empty light corridor or hall without patients with green plastic doors at hospital

Medical team pushing emergency stretcher bed in the corridor at hospital

PAN of silhouette of man with walking stick limping along dark hallway of hospital towards camera

Wide shot hospital corridor with blurred man walking in slow motion passing camera leaving. Serious Middle Eastern confident doctor indoors at workplace.


Close up shot of handshake of two male hospital workers standing in corridor and having discussion

Medical Staff Along Hospital Corridor

Passage Along The Corridor In The Hospital

View of a Hospital hallway

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - nowember 6 The camera moves along the corridor of the hospital, a long passage, steadicam Corridor without people


Group of three professional doctors walking together through corridor and discussing x-ray image while working together in hospital

Walking through empty abandoned old hospital. All alone moving down eerie hallways in dark and scary insane asylum, with no people. Halloween style setting for tension and spookiness.

View of an epty hospital hall

Worker of hospital walk through corridor into one of the rooms

Unknown doctors team running down hallway rolling gurney back view. Medical staff hurrying to hospital surgery in blue uniform. Professional medics carrying patient stretcher to emergency room doors.

The nurse is walking down the hospital corridor

Close up of doctor write on clipboard in the ward, Healthcare professionals during a meeting at the hospital. International medical team discussing in corridor, Hospital medical staff.


Two male hospital workers in medical uniforms having talk, shaking hands and walking away through corridor

Dolly shot of group of multi-ethnic nurses pushing gurney with unresponsive patient along hospital corridor and listening to female doctor with clipboard giving instructions

Approaching an empty wheelchair sitting in an empty hospital corridor

Full monochromatic shot of back lit corridor of hospital with medical staff passing by each other

Busy Nurse's Station In Modern Hospital

High angle dolly shot of ER nurses and female doctor pushing gurney along hospital corridor and administering oxygen and IV fluids to elderly patient

Medical workers carrying patient on gurney running emergency room. Professional team rolling sick man down hospital corridor. Unknown doctor hands using resuscitator face mask to reanimation help.


Medical staff and relatives of the victim are running down the hospital corridor carrying the patient on a gurney

Dolly shot with rear view of female doctor with clipboard t walking along busy hospital corridor and discussing work with senior male colleague

Worker in protective clothes close one of the doors in the corridor in hospital

Nurse walking in corridor in hospital

Young man maneuvers wheelchair through hospital corridor. Slow motion 4x. Close up.


Portrait Of Female Doctor Or Nurse With Clipboard In Hospital With Colleagues In Background

Concerned doctor taking a break in hospital corridor, reflecting on work.

Empty wheelchair parked in hospital hallway

Slow-motion shot of team of doctors in lab coats walking through hospital corridor and conversing