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Beggar sitting in the street waiting for coins

Mature man collecting recyclables under bridge in city.

No people dollying-in shot of tent city area where refugees or homeless people living in poor conditions

A midsection of portrait of homeless beggar man walking outdoors in park, carrying a bag. Slow motion.

Cropped shot of homeless man with sign on chest sitting with cup and asking for donation next to shelter

Homeless beggar man in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Elderly African American homeless woman looks directly into camera with sad eyes

Homeless man lying on street in rags and holding cup while begging for charity

Homeless beggar man in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Homeless Veteran Sitting on the Sidewalk Holding a Cardboard Sign

Person with a please help sign sitting on side walk in NYC 4k

Person in need sitting on the streets of New York City 4k

"Empowering Moments: Two Young Girls Find Resilience in a Refugee Camp"

Unrecognizable passerby businessman giving hamburger to poor homeless sleeping person

African American man giving donation to homeless beggar on street and supporting him with kind words

A close up portrait of homeless dirty beggar man sitting outdoors. Slow motion.

An extreme close up portrait of homeless dirty beggar man lying outdoors. Slow motion.

Close up shot of hands of unrecognizable homeless man in fingerless mittens warming near fire barrel

Close-up of beggar male's legs and hands holding cardboard sign asking for help. Homeless man sitting on street begging for money while people's legs walking and passing by.

Homeless beggar man lying outdoors in city in a sleeping bag, cardboard sign near him.

Multiethnic volunteers serving free meals for homeless people at outside food kitchen on urban street

A compassionate woman providing food to a homeless person in the city. Slow motion.

Homeless beggar man in Kyiv, Ukraine.

A homeless beggar man sitting on a ground outdoors in city, looking for something in a bag.

Close-up of homeless man's feet in boots, sleeping outdoors on the ground under the bridge in cold weather. Poor beggar covering himself with jacket. Homelessness and social issues concept. Dolly shot

A troubled teenager sits on the entrance landing

Homeless man lays on street bench at New York City crossing - July 2022

City vagabond sitting by the wall and looking at the passers-by

Medium shot of social workers helping homeless people or refugees living in tent city, giving them food and water

A homeless beggar man with a pillow lying on bench outdoors in city, sleeping. Slow motion.

Close up shot of homeless man pulling blanket over face and sleeping on ground on cold day

A homeless man looks through crowded garbage bins on the street at night.

Unidentified person pouring coffee leftovers in park

Homeless beggar man in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Close-up of hand in blue gloves. Young woman in urban park.

Potentially homeless man sitting on walkway near casino in Las Vegas 4k

Homeless and Hungry sign on cardboard asking for money 4k

Homeless beggar man in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Medium portrait of homeless African-American 11-year-old girl standing against abandoned house looking at camera

Chest up shot of bearded homeless man drinking from plastic cup and looking away pensively while standing on street

Sheet Metal And Tarp Homes Port-au-prince Haiti

A beggar homeless man tramp is looking for food in a trash can. Kyiv. Ukraine

Homeless woman sitting with dog on streets of Las Vegas 4k

Wide shot of two diverse volunteers working with refugees in indoor camp in afternoon

Climate Change Trash Dump Plastic Global Warming Planet Earth Home Helpless Garbage Polution Hazards 4K

Homeless beggar man in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Men Sitting On Beds In Homeless Shelter

Portrait of an elderly African American homeless woman on the street.