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Contractor Measures Rafters Attic

Slowmo tracking shot of handyman in uniform standing on top of ladder and installing smart home device or sensor

A simulated drone video feed of a roof inspector examining a home's shingles and gutters.

Tracking shot of handyman fixing sensor or device in client's house

Mid-section shot of woman signing document and shaking hands with contractor in her house


The beekeeper looks after the bees, the honeycomb, in the protective beekeeper's beekeeper, bee's

Construction workers inspect unfinished home

A high angle aerial view of a building inspector examining the roof of a residential home.

Proffesional repairman worker do home inspection in apartments, mesure room and writing result in copybook. Handyman with smartphone calculate walls size . Moving to new flat or office Daylight

Furnace Repairman Inspects Unit in Home Basement


Concentrated Woman Testing Prototype Of A Mechanism

Building Inspector Uses Drone to Examine Damaged Shingles on Residential Roof

Man knocks with his fist in the door. Man late for event. Guy is jealous his girlfriend.

Tilt up slowmo shot of handyman writing on clipboard while electrician in uniform standing on ladder and inspecting smart home device or sensor


Woman Working on Plastic Detail in 3D printing workshop using laptop

Male electrician pulls wires from under stretched matte ceiling through hole, repairing apartment, installing lighting fixtures, wiring under ceiling,

Slowmo shot of woman discussing house problem with handymen

Sports-loving multiethnic couple fastening bike body for examination and maintenance. African american girlfriend assisting boyfriend by

A closeup view of a termite home inspection is stamped FAILED. Data on form is fictional.


Pensive Boy Checking Quality Of A Mechanism Part

An aerial drone view of an old slate roof on a typical Pennsylvania home. Pittsburgh suburbs.

Real estate agents are inspecting basement water leaks, flood water damage, and calculating renovations

Construction worker on site with building plans, low angle view

Inspecting the water pipes and electrical system in the basement of a historical building for real estate purposes

Tracking slow motion of homeowner greeting handymen and discussing home repairs

Close up shot of installed security camera on wall in modern apartment. CCTV camera with microphone and green indicator. Concept of monitoring system, surveillance and personal privacy. Dolly zoom.

Young woman reviewing store receipts and managing home budget at kitchen


Female Designer Examination Work Of A 3D Printer

Handheld tracking of woman signing document with handyman, then shaking hands. Worker with toolbox walking away.

Young Asian engineers collaborate on color selection and project planning at a construction site

Slow motion shot of friendly young woman in uniform welcoming two workers and pointing out an issue

Construction worker on site with building plans, circling


POV of a person using a digital peephole monitor to check the corridor outside their door for enhanced home security


Puzzled Indian Businessman Working At Home On Modern Tablet Computer

Construction worker on site with building plans

Electrician working with wiring on electrical box, fixing connections. Action. Bottom view of an electrician in a protective uniform and

Repairman worker do apartment inspection in cozy living room, home and measure room. Handyman with phone calculate walls size. Making video on smartphone. Housebuilder do maintenance, moving to new flat

A man electrician checks the voltage in the network with a wire tester preparing to install a smart home. Inspection of all systems by a professional electrician

Construction worker on site with building plans


Young Entrepreneur Inspecting Parcels Before Dispatch in Home Office

Construction worker on site with building plans, circling

Pensive Indian boy sitting school bus alone close up. Teen schoolboy looking schoolbus window on trip. Thoughtful teenager inspecting nature outside on daily ride. Upset passenger riding home.

In real estate, inspectors are examining ceiling tiles in buildings for repairs, renovations, and construction refinancing

A male electrician works with pliers when installing ceiling lights.

Technician working in construction site with housing project plan. Man at work in apartment building. Mason looking at blueprint in new house for home improvement and renovation


The beekeeper looks after the bees, the honeycomb, in the protective beekeeper's beekeeper, bee's

A man uses pliers to install a ceiling spot led light.

New Home outdoor HVAC Air Conditioner system.