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Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: High-tech robotics samples of the latest generation. Precise movement of robots on a permutation of items.

Man elegant suit responds, with the phone high technology with holography and augmented reality, to the doctor for treatment. Concept: immersive technology,futuristic medicine, congresses and meetings

Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: Demonstration of a variety of movements of a new generation of robots.

Full shot of a VR headset wearing boy watching a solar system hologram

A worker completes the manufacture of the chip

Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: Japanese robotics in Germany. Possibilities of modern robotics.

Blue abstract high tech device. Futuristic motherboard with digital hi-tech animated elements and plexus particles. Depth of field settings. 3D rendering.


Blue HUD advanced technology motion background. 3D rendering

High-tech chip manufacturing

Medium shot of a VR headset wearing doctor explaining to his colleagues while moving holographic 3d brain image

Making of a microchip with the help of a robot

Zoom in view of African American man speaking on headphones and browsing data on computer while working in office of high tech security center

Medium shot of scientists testing a humanoid robots movement

Medium shot of a VR headset wearing engineer testing a car driving robot

White mechanical robotic arms working in a sterile white environment, like a factory or a high-tech laboratory

Pharmaceutical production line. Automatic factory packaging machine for packaging vials of vaccine and medicines in operation.

Glitchy Circuits 1.5 - Glitch/Circuits Logo Opener

Automatic production of microchips

Animation 3d recognition scanning of the face eye of man or woman. facial recognition protection and scan safety. future sci-fi animation , security, scanning and password banking access.

Flying over a stylized computer motherboard. Generic computer, information technology and data motion background. Shallow depth of field. 3D rendering.


Dark blue abstract HUD technology motion background. Depth of field. 3D rendering

Cute asian child hand drawing on the screen of tablet computer with stylus pencil. Child paints a picture on the touchscreen of high technology tablet. Kid learning art and using tablet.

Unrecognizable entrepreneur in suit touching robotic hand and changing into cyborg against digital data

IT technician in data center digital server room controlling work of rack server cabinets with a tablet. Professional server engineer at work. Man technicians working in high tech server rack room

Concept of data transmission, computer communication. Digital information travels. Technology background processor circuit. Virtual hi tech uI animation closeup

Medium shot of a developer playing a VR game or simulator controlling a Mars rover

Development innovation high-tech CPU. High speed data processing 3D video. 3D Render animation of AI Artificial intelligence in two CPU chipsets central processors unit and electric data traffic on

Laser cutting metal surface during high precision metalworking. Laser machining at factory. Precision industrial equipment. Process of industrial laser cutting of sheet metal. Metalworking in workshop

Automatic production of microchips

Medium shot of astronaut and scientist testing manual equipment maintenance

Medium long shot of engineers evaluating a robots work in a warehouse

Abstract data, computer and technology theme. Computer screen interface display. 3D rendering.

Metallic high tech engine mechanism rotating. Generic advanced technology and engineering motion graphic

Medium shot of scientists testing a humanoid robots movement

Medium shot of four male scientists testing a car driving humanoid robot

Virtual hi tech uI animation closeup. Concept of data transmission, computer communication. Digital information travels. Technology background processor circuit

Person holding mobile phone with high tech application in smart house features controlling lights with wireless device. Man turning on the light sitting in home kitchen with automation lighting system


African American man putting on VR headset and looking around to the abstract cyber world of the meta universe.


An african american man wearing a virtual reality helmet with shining sword in the cyberspace of the virtual world plays a video holographic game, by breaking 3D cubes that are move to him.

Rear-view slowmo shot of unrecognizable woman holding both human and prosthetic arm on her head while sitting at table on white background


African American with VR headset looking around to the abstract cyber world of the meta universe.

Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: Advanced technologies in the field of robotics. Two robotic manipulators hold the soccer ball.

close-up of high tech cyber eye with zoom into eye to black

Medium shot of an engineer in protective suits try to turn on the robot fixing wires on robot control while colleague is monitoring in laboratory

View of the earth and a spaceship from satellit using high technology. International space station orbiting planet. Floating spaceship in the univers. Images from NASA. 3D render animation

Humanoid robot talks with child at technology exhibition. The Exhibition Park Of Robots. Humanoid robot talks with.

Bionic Arm showing its functionality. Production Quality Footage in ProRes HQ codec with alpha matte, 25 FPS.

Futuristic Sci-fi city on a ring planet seamless loop. 4k 3D animation of a high tech space station with Dyson sphere, artificial sun and cyberpunk structures. Advanced space travel concept with stars