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Dramatic Health Struggle: Overweight Man on Sofa Experiencing Chest Pains Battling Heart Problems and Distressing Health Issues

people, healthcare and problem concept - woman suffering from heart ache over gray background

Health Struggle: Young Man Lays on Couch, Battling Chest Pains Expressing Worried Emotion Amidst Health Issues, Portraying the Challenges of Heart Problems

Senior retired woman patient in visit to her cardiologist doctor. Heart disease problems presented by cardiologist cardiology, heart attach. Health care in modern private clinic. Medical staff

12-Slowmotion Senior Man Grandpa Taking Medicine Pill For Heart

Doctor presenting potential heart problems to old retired elderly patient. Heart disease problems presented by cardiologist cardiology, heart attach. Health care in modern private clinic. Medical

Aging and heart problems. Upset middle aged asian man suffering from heartache, drinking meds with water, tracking shot

African husband supporting sad wife sitting on couch

Heart Disease And Sickness Tesing Close Up

Urgent Situation: Overweight Individual Experiencing Heart Attack - Sedentary Lifestyle Consequences

Old person feeling sick and dealing with hearts problems, two people helping to see doctor. Medical assistant and physician consulting patient, doing emergency examination. Handheld shot.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor In Hands Of Senior Man, Controlling Health Condition, Hypertension

African american people helping elderly man with heart problems to sit in hospital reception lobby. Senior physician consulting old patient with stethoscope, trying to cure cardiovascular illness.

Close-up of senior woman measuring blood pressure and pulse of unwell retired man using automatic digital bp device indoors.

Asian man has health problems when exercising. The man had a heart attack while push ups, 60 fps


Lady stands in heart of forest at sunset. Young woman looks confused thinking about personal problems in evening. Pastime in nature to get

Old man feeling pain in his chest. Senior man having heart problems, blurred background.

Elderly male suffering from heart attack and feel unwell need for medicine

Medical consultant showing cardiology pills to asian woman in pharmacy, explaining treatment to cure heart problems. Female pharmacist talking to client about medical products. Handheld shot.

a broken-hearted girl talks about her problems to her friend. The guy listens and reassures her. Drink wine

Senior man experiencing a health emergency while alone in his kitchen

Treadmill test: running athlete on racetrack suddenly falling down because of health problems. Doctors quickly reacted and put on him an oxygen mask. Scientific Sports Laboratory.

Senior man presses hand to chest has heart attack suffers from unbearable pain

Gray-Haired Aged Man Checking Blood Pressure After Home Workout, Nodding Head, Normal Measurement

Woman with heart problems checking cardiology pills box, looking for healthcare treatment in pharmacy. Asian person with disease analyzing pharmaceutical products on drugstore shelves. Handheld shot.

Dcotor checking old retired woman heart related problems during pandemic in modern private clinic or hospital. Patient and medical stuff wearing masks for protection against COVID-19. Medical

Senior woman in eyeglasses experiencing health emergency, seeking help while cooking in kitchen

Old man helping woman with cardiac problems in waiting area, senior patient dealing with healthcare issues. Person feeling light headed and dizzy, suffering from heartburn and heart failure.

Asian man has health problems when exercising. The man had a heart attack while push ups, 60 fps

African american people helping old man to attend checkup consultation, bringing sick patient with heart problem to medical facility. Doctor examining person with heartburn issues.

Senior man reading newspaper and having chest pain feel suffer from heart attack

Senior man having chest pain feel suffer from heart attack

Medical assistant explaining x ray organs result in hospital reception, nurse and patient looking at hologram showing heart diagnosis and cardiovascular problem. Holographic radiography.

Senior patient laying in hospital ward bed at healthcare unit waiting for medical treatment against health problems. Unwell old man attached to nasal oxygen tube and heart rate monitor

Female customer analyzing boxes of cardiology drugs in pharmacy store, looking to buy prescription treatment. Checking healthcare products in drugstore filled with vitamins and supplements.

Mature woman with cardiovascular disease taking medicine in kitchen

Health Struggle: Concerned Overweight Young Man Rising from Couch, Experiencing Chest Pain - Heart Concerns

Worker assisting client with cardiology medication, providing medicine and explaining treatment. Adult retrieving vitamins from pharmacy for sick individual.

Client researching cardiology pills at pharmacy, seeking heart health solutions. Man reading drug packages, selecting pharmaceutical products.

Elderly male with heart attack sitting at the couch in the living room

Women analyzing cardiology plls box in pharmacy shop, pharmacist giving pills and supplements to customer. Woman and drugstore worker looking at packages of healthcare medicaments.

Male doctor consulting old woman with cardiac pressure, feeling heartburn in hospital waiting room. Patient with heart problems and cardiovascular disease receiving consultation at health center.

Asian people analyzing cardiology medicine with customer, pharmacist giving plls and supplements to client. Woman and drugstore worker looking at packages of healthcare medicaments.

Distressed Health: Overweight Young Man Experiencing Chest Pains - Vertical Video

Medic showing cardiology diagnosis on tablet to mother and kid. General practitioner using device to explain cardiovascular problem and heart condition at annual checkup visit. Anatomy exam

Upset sad Hispanic teen girl with pigtails having adolescent problems in romantic relationship, drawing broken heart on window glass, feeling depressed and lonely .

Retired man working online, experiencing health issue at home

Elder patient breathing heavy in hospital ward bed with IV drip bag. Multi ethnic medical personnel helping sick old man with oxygen tube and heart rate monitor for reanimation