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Senior doctor using tablet in his office.

Senior woman on consultation with doctor in his office.

Medium shot of a doctors discussing brain damage diagnosis at a digital screen with a 3D image of a brain

Nurse with visor against coronavirus in hospital waiting area explaining diagnosis to disabled senior woman with walking frame. Health care system during global pandemic.

Senior mixed race man with female doctor home visiting taking blood pressure

A group of doctors with face masks looking at camera, corona virus concept.


Close up of veterinarian in medical gloves examining cat at clinic. Woman strokes pet and calms it down during veterinary examination

Gliding Shot Of Busy Nurses And Hospital Shot

medicine, healthcare and people concept - doctor and male patient having health problem meeting at hospital

Medium shot of doctors talking and taking notes during a meeting

Mixed race woman being visited at home by a nurse. Social distancing and self isolation in quarantin


Middle-aged man with leg injury walking on crutches at home. Man wearing knee supporting brace with adjustable strap on his injured leg in his flat

Helping nurse helping a senior man to walk on crutches

Multiracial team of doctors wearing scrubs and lab coats listening to professor of medicine making speech during seminar

Medium close-up of a male and a female doctor examining 3D brain hologram while wearing VR headsets


Front view of window of closing flower store during pandemic period. Young female florist in apron sticking sheet of paper with text "closed

Empty modern surgery. New surgery room with medical electronic equipment.

Caucasian female doctor showing medical history on clipboard and explaining diagnosis to Hispanic woman during consultation in clinic

Professional colleagues examining x ray scan

Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Surgical Team Standing In Hospital Operating Theater

Cropped shot of unrecognizable female doctor or nurse taking notes in medical documents during corporate meeting with colleagues at conference room

Blonde woman's morning exercise and yoga in studio

Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

Medium shot of a friendly male pediatrician examining girls teddy bear with stethoscope

Professional doctor explain patient how using glucometer. Man wearing white coat showing how measuring glucose in blood at home. patient sitting at the desk in clinic

Two male coworkers in medical uniform having lunch in break room, discussing social media post on phone and laughing during workday in hospital

A man looks over his medical prescriptions, close up

Zoom out shot of team of surgical care practitioners stitching incision and finishing procedure in dark operating room lit by overhead lights

Female scientist in disposable gloves, hat, face mask and protective glasses looking through microscope and making notes while working in laboratory

Scientist using digital tablet working in modern medical research laboratory, analyzing DNA information. Medicine, biotechnology research in advanced pharma lab, examining virus evolution

Doctor Going Over Charts With Nurse Close Shot 4 K

Hospital Monitor Animated Background

Group of specialist doctors analysing brain functions using high tech in medical boardroom, nurse testing new innovation. Medic studying diagnosis of patients working in hospital conference room


Close up of Asian young female nurse taking medical documents from shelves and giving to male Caucasian middle-aged doctor in mask

Senior doctor with laptop working at the office desk.

ECG Monitoring In Operation Room

Disabled senior woman in wheelchair talking with nurse that wears protection mask against infection with coronavirus. Patient and medical staff in waiting area. Doctor in examination room.

Patient in a hospital room connected to medical equipment.


Caucasian female doctor and African American medical expert speaking in front of audience during international conference on public health

Young doctor leads informative meeting with interns on hospital health concepts. 4K

Academic meeting of expert doctors discussing about symptoms of disease working in hospital conference room. Clinic expert therapist talking with colleagues about treatment of patients

Medium close-up a male and a female doctor analyzing result of a brain scan

Male doctor explaining information with tablet - close

Informative interaction between physician and senior patient

Doctor examining a senior man in a retirement home

Radiologist Watching Monitors Of Brain Scan

Medium portrait of mid adult Caucasian female doctor wearing white lab coat and stethoscope posing for camera with laptop in modern hospital office