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Women cutting grapes of red wine during the harvesting process in a vineyard. Women cutting grapes during the harvesting process. Slow motion. Erbusco, Italy - September 25, 2019

Farmer man tears sorrel from the beds and collects the leaves in a bunch.

Harvesting machine working in the field. Top view from the drone Combine harvester agricultural machine ride in the field of golden ripe wheat.

Young farmer in hat going on the field with a full wooden box of ripe vegetables at sunset. Real working process of picking harvest on the organic eco farm.

Wheat field and combine harvesters. Machinery gathering crops. How to develop farm business.

Carrots pulled out of the ground

Combine harvester steering wheel. Employment in agricultural company.

CLOSE UP: Combine harvester on agricultural farm cutting wheat on dusty field

Man Walking and Touching Wheat Spikes at Sunset

Woman hands picking strawberry in palm

A woman picks coffee beans on a farm in Africa.

Male farmers hand grabbing and pouring grains. Agriculture, farming, prosperity, harvest and people concept. Slow motion.

Green wheat field in the wind background

Aerial View. A Large Orchard. Cherry Harvesting. Tractor Pulls A Trailer With Products. Boxes Of Berries Are Laid On The Trailer. A Lot Of People Work In The Garden.

Combine harvester gathers the wheat crop. Wheat harvesting shears. Combines in the field Food industry concept.

Daughter on hands father picking orange at fruit orchard. Harvesting orange

Combine harvester in action on wheat field. A view from the driver's cab, a look from the first person.

Woman Harvesting Rice in India

A moving shot through organic raspberries field...

Aerial view combine is working in the field. Harvester is cutting ripe, dry sunflowers. Beautiful landscape with blue sky. Agriculture autumn concept.


Harvesting on the farmland Combine Agriculture Machinery Technology Food Modification Crop Farming Concept

Combine with golden field. Top view of agricultural machine.

Carrots pulled out of the ground

Portrait of the cheerful and happy Caucasian man farmer in glasses and hat laughing to the camera on the sunset in the harvested field. Close up.

4K Asian farmer harvesting fresh organic parsley in the morning

The farmer is holding a biological product of potatoes, hands and potatoes stained with earth. Concept: biology, bio products, bio ecology, grow vegetables, vegetarians, natural clean, fresh product.

Young happy farming woman walking with harvest in basket on the farm.

Close-up. Harvesting Raspberries. Ripe Berry Lies In The Boxes.

Aerial shot over migrant immigrant farm workers working in the strawberry fields of California.

Aerial view of sunflowers field. Drone flight over blooming sunflower field. Quadcopter moving across scenic yellow field of flowers. Agriculture and harvesting theme. Spectacular landscape.


Close up of female hands in gloves picking up yellow sweet bell peppers. Healthy organic homegrown vegetables. Bell pepper harvest

Sunny farmland wheat field

AERIAL CLOSEUP: Flying above combine harvesting golden wheat field

Girl picking strawberries in hand

Farmer collects and sorts fresh potatoes. Concept of ecological food and vegetarianism.

THAILAND NOVEMBER 8: Full HD footage aerial view unidentified asian farmers harvesting rice in rice field on November 8, 2018 in Chiang rai, Thailand. View from the front of the farmers.


Female hand touches ripe ears of wheat in the rays of the setting sun. Slow motion

Corn Harvesting with Machinery in Autumn. Farming and agriculture. Large plow moves along the field and plows the land. Harvesting, field work, collective farm

A happy mature man walking in orchard in autumn, carrying a box full of apples. Slow motion.

Hands of adult farmer touching and sifting wheat grains in a sack. Wheat grain in a hand after good harvest. Agriculture concept.


Aerial shot of a winery or olive plantation with irrigation system. Greenery harvesting. Eco farming agriculture


Female hand touches ripe ears of wheat in the rays of the setting sun. Slow motion

Harvesting corn. loading grain into the machine

Top view combine harvester gathers the wheat at sunset. Harvesting grain field, crop season

Female hand touching wheat on the field in a sunset light

Combine harvester gathers the wheat crop. Wheat harvesting shears. Combines in the field. Steadicam shot. Food industry concept.

Rear of the Caucasian old farmer walking his land a golden field full of wheat harvest on a sunny summer day. Back view.

Farmer checks both as growing zucchini at field of organic eco farm