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People in cocktail dresses at party applaud - clapping hands of people on dancing event

Applause clapping hands green screen

Satisfied proud business team clapping hands

Good-looking successful high-skilled businesswoman getting applause from satisfied international colleagues after presentation in meeting room

hands dancing crowd

Business team clapping hands while leader speaking in conference room. Colleagues applauding manager after presentation in boardroom. Employees praising their mentor


Happy father, a brunette man in a checkered green shirt plays with his little brunette daughter in a pink dress, clapping his hands while in

Welcome to Our Business Team

Welcoming New Employee at Workplace

Clapping Crowd On Their Feet

Close up successful businessman celebrating victory near stadium. Cheerful man enjoying victory in stylish suit at street. Positive businessman clapping hands in slow motion outdoors.

Colleagues Celebrating Success in Office Room


Woman focused on chakra accumulation using hands movement. Sportswoman sitting caremat doing yoga waving and clapping palms outdoors. Female

Smiling diverse professionals applauding successful speech by experienced businessman

Close up of business people clapping hands in conference room

Female leader celebrating success with coworkers in conference room. Multi ethnic business team stacking hands together. Happy team members clapping hands during meeting

Close Up - Pan of two individuals clapping their hands outside - shot on RED

Slow motion shot of hands clapping with cheering

Gloved hands clapping on black background close up


Approving joyful african american man happily clapping hands, ecstatic about accomplishments. Excited BIPOC person cheering, applauding

Crowd of cheering silhouettes under the night sky with searchlights

crowd waving hands in the night club party

Close up slow motion shot of hands clapping with cheering fans at a live concert

Family playing patty cake sitting on park bench sunny weekend. African american mother clap hands in garden. Child enjoy funny game with mom

Many People at the Festival

Portrait of a joyful person expressing happiness and appreciation

Business people receiving applause and presenting financial project, feeling satisfied and celebrating work achievement. Colleagues clapping hands and congratulating successful victory.

Diverse team of creative developers applauding their African American colleague who presented diagram on glass board in meeting room. Brainstorm, creative, working and people, 4k

Close-up of stylish man in checkered shirt applauding. Yellow background.

Business team listening to their colleague suggestion and clapping their hands in approval


Approving smiling middle eastern man happily clapping hands, satisfied with accomplishments. BIPOC person cheering, doing praising gesture

Positive Adult Applauding in Studio: Congratulatory Gesture

Business people clap their hands, congratulations and appreciation of the concept

Closeup winner afro guy clapping hands indoors. African american man celebrating victory on black background. Portrait of emotional african male person gesturing in studio in slow motion

Portrait of a young woman applauding on a blue background


Frenetic african american man happily clapping hands watching sports match, celebrating. Fan cheering favorite team, applauding and being

Businessman shakes hand to new male employee, taps on the shoulder. Group of people clapping on a background.

Young child laughing and clapping hands, having fun at kindergarten

Experienced business coach speaking at conference. Team applauds leader's presentation. CEO showcases development project.

The adorable child clapping hands. slow motion

Two partners, businessman shake hands. Group of people clapping on a background. Manager congratulates trainee promotion

Redheaded man clapping hands on grey background

Close Up - A person claps their hands together - shot on RED

Crowd of people enjoying the concert. Sunset light and smoke at rock festival. Teens applauding and waving hands. Concept of music and lifestyle.

Young girl clapping in slow motion

Multi ethnic business team clapping celebrating success on meeting table. Close up professional coworkers join hands in company office conference. Unknown employees cheer. Teamwork happiness concept.

Successful business team clapping hands

Happy creative business team celebrating success in office