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Unrecognizable man getting ready for wedding ceremony outdoors. Closeup man hands preparing for event in park. Male person touching handkerchief in garden. Man getting better jacket

Hand Grabs Kleenex From Box

A hand grabs a kleenex tissue

Fragment of a men's shirt with a tie on floor. men's tie and handkerchief. Men's suits dress accessories pocket towel solid color scarf

Zoom out of sad Latin woman with handkerchief crying hysterically and shaking her head during appointment with unrecognizable psychotherapist

A person in traditional Russian attire strolling through a green field - their handkerchief dances in the wind

Old woman crying by the window


Team of start up businesspeople entering modern elevator and discussing corporate meeting. Stock clip. Businessmen using elevator to get to

Closeup man hand getting better handkerchief in park. Unrecognizable businessman in formal suit preparing for event outdoors. Unknown groom getting ready for ceremony in garden.

Young woman grieving at outdoor funeral ceremony

Zoom in of sad Latin woman crying hysterically while sharing feelings with unrecognizable psychotherapist, then blowing her nose into handkerchief and covering face with hands

Elderly woman crying, closeup

An elderly male fashion designer, gazing the clothes, hanging on the hangers of a mobile wardrobe hanger, hangs a measuring tape around his neck and looks at the camera smiling.

A person with cold or flu symptoms on the street using a handkerchief without a headdress

A male hand grabs tissue from a box of kleenex

An old woman is crying at the window, wiping her tears with a handkerchief. Concept: loneliness in old age

Sweaty from stress and heat, a man wipes sweat from his face with a handkerchief

Portrait of adorable elementary age sick girl blowing her runny nose at home. Unhealthy child suffering from running nose and sneezing, wiping nose with tissue paper.

Close-up of a young woman with a cold, wearing a warm scarf, blowing her nose in a napkin

An elderly male fashion designer examines his clothes, hanging on the hangers, of a mobile wardrobe hanger in a room of a modern house.

Traditional Dance and Music in Nikolskoe Village, Republic of Tatarstan

Young man blowing his nose with a handkerchief. Sick man sneezing. Isolated background.

Side closeup of Caucasian senior woman using handkerchief and holding back tears during requiem service at cemetery

Traditional Russian Singing and Balalaika in Nikolskoe Village, Tatarstan

People in traditional Russian clothes are dancing on the field holding hands - one of them plays the accordion music

Black female coughing in paper tissue at home

A woman in traditional Russian attire enjoying the view

Lady wiping eyes with handkerchief. Sad senior woman. I lost everything I had. Difficult period of life.

Tearfulness and pain in the eyes of an elderly woman. Increased sensitivity of the eyes to light

A modern Muslim woman eats dessert and drinks a chocolate cocktail in a cafe

Sick woman sneezing and blowing her nose into tissue due to allergy to tree pollen

Bearded sick man feels sore throat and blows nose frowning

A woman in traditional Russian attire standing in a field - handkerchief flutters in the wind

Black female coughing in the morning on bedroom

RUSSIA, Nikolskoe village, Republic of Tatarstan 25-05-2019: People in a village walking in a circle by a music. Playing traditional game

A young man uses a tissue in an urban area - park and office buildings in the background - closeup

Women and man in traditional russian folklore clothes walking in a row on the field and singing a song - bright sunny summer day

love for pets - funny portrait of a golden retriever in a warm scarf on a white background

A young man deals with a cold in an urban area at night - streetlights in the background

Closeup of senior Caucasian man in sunglasses relieving wife who holding back tears and using handkerchief during outdoor funeral ceremony

Anxious nervous man wipes sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief

Girl blowing nose and freezing in the park

RUSSIA, Nikolskoe village, Republic of Tatarstan: Traditional Russian dance in village with accordion music

People in traditional russian clothes walking on the rye field - playing balalaika

Two women in Russian attire playing balalaika near a wooden structure

People in traditional folk clothes walking on the field and singing a song

Father wipes his Daughter's Hands with a Damp Cloth before eating Pizza

Two smiling women in Russian dress stand under a birch tree and singing along with a balalaika