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Close up shot of woman pouring fresh green juice from juicer to glass jar in kitchen

Green Celery Juice In A Glass For Body Detox.

Pouring green, healthy juice into glass, super slow motion

Woman blending ingredients to make green smoothie

Dripping oil from pipette into bottle close-up, plant juice. Making aroma serum on green background. Dropping liquid extract, skincare routine, treatment essence oil, spa concept. Traditional medicine

Smiling father, mother and two cute daughters drinking fresh juice at green garden while having summer picnic. Concept of family. Smiling

Healthy Green Smoothie with Spinach And Kale

Close-up of a young woman enjoying a refreshing green juice on a tropical vacation

From above shot of green smoothie in glass composed on table with green apple and spinach leaves with kiwi

Green Smoothie with Spinach

Adding fresh greens in vegetable smoothie swirling in electric blender close up. Top view of celery spinach cucumber falling to veggies juice in super slow motion. Preparing vitamin organic food.

Preparing Detox Juice With Green Vibrant Vegetables On Table Blender Seen From Mixing Healthy Drink Captured In Slow Motion With High Speed Camera

Green Smoothie With Superfoods For Detox. Healthy Diet Concept.

A happy woman holds out two bottles of fresh green smoothie filled with vitamins and energy for the whole day. A vegan woman drinks

Layout of few glasses filled with green smoothie and served on table with green apples and spinach leaves

Healthy green smoothie on blue vintage background next to fruits and vegetables

Woman drinking green detox vegetable smoothie


Composition of aloe vera. Concept of beauty cream derived from Aloe, natural medicine and care for the body rejuvenation based on hyaluronidase acid. Skin to sunburn aloe vera. concept of refreshing

Top view of preparing vegetable juice with greens herbs fruits. Green smoothie surface bubbling inside glass blender in super slow motion close up. Electric mixer blending raw vitamin veggies.

Green beverage pours through sieve. Hand holds sieve over drink. Delicious cocktail made by bartender. Kiwi daiquiri with fresh juice.

Green Smoothie With Celery And Kale. Detox Vegan Drink.

Slow motion Woman cooking healthy smoothie add Green apple, kiwi spinach blended in blender green smoothies. Dieting, slimming, weight loss


Cutting kiwi with grater close-up. Preparing some fruits for cooking. Health and food concept. Vitamins

Green smoothie foaming bubbling in electric blender close up. Top view of fresh vitamin vegetable cocktail swirling inside glass bowl mixer in super slow motion. Detox cocktail for healthy nutrition.

Kale & Veggie Cleanse: Green Detox Juice Blend for Wellness

Organic fresh orange juice pour into glass with fruit on brown wooden table on yellow green nature background


Pouring Cocktail not alchoolic near the sea on the background of the tropical island on slow motion

Fresh green lime underwater on white background close up. Ripe sour citrus floating with bubbles in transparent water super slow motion. Vitamin healthy fruit for refreshing drink. Nutrition concept.

Grapefruit juice squeezed into lemonade. Jug of cold refreshing lemonade.

Dripping lemon juice from pipette into bottle close-up, vitamin oil. Making aroma serum on green background. Dropping liquid citrus extract, skincare routine, treatment spa. Traditional medicine.

Collage with a woman with a green healthy smoothie. A woman eats right, drinks detox drinks that cleanse the body and give vitamins. Vegan food with lots of greens. Nourishing herbal smoothie.

Refreshing Drink Water

A young woman holds an organic green juice and looks at the camera

Aloe herbal medicine

Vibrant Detox Blend: Green Vegetable Juice Infused with Kale and Assorted Veggies

Close-up of two full glasses of avocado smoothie with the addition of vegetable lactose-free milk with ice, which are held by women's hands. Each glass has a metal drinking straw.


Beautiful delicious red, green juicy sliced watermelon, on the table, colorful. Concept: ripe fruit and berries, natural product, fresh products, big berry, side view, ecological pure, black seeds.

4k Woman cooking healthy smoothie add Green apple, kiwi spinach blended in blender green smoothies. Dieting, slimming, weight loss and meal

Waist up shot of cheerful pregnant woman holding hand on her belly and drinking green smoothie in kitchen at home

Jar of fresh beet smoothie with vegetables in tray

Homemade lemonade in a glass with mint on wooden board. Parallax dolly shot

Top Down Blender Action Capturing Green Detox Juice Preparation In Slow Motion Celery Avocado Fennel And Cucumbers

Squeezing the the lemon juice in juicer in slow motion 240fps on the green background, squeezer in action, drops of juice, Full HD Prores HQ

Handheld shot of African American women preparing green juice from celery sticks in juicer

Two healthy drinks with a green smoothie drink in female hands against the backdrop of lush tropical foliage. Two cucumber smoothies are a great detox drink for breakfast.

A woman on vacation drinks a delicious smoothie of green vegetables and fruits with the addition of herbs and greens. Detox during rest to restore health and cleanse the body.

Hand mixing with the black straw fresh orange juice standing near green juice on the sand beach

Presentation of Strawberry, Green Vegetables and Citrus Smoothies Decorated in Glasses