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Golden Eagle flying through the sky as another bird swoops at it in the air.

Golden Eagle Flying through the sky in slow motion

Golden Eagle gliding through the sky in Utah.

Gold Eagle flying through the blue sky in Wyoming moving in slow motion.


Golden eagle flying between the trees in the forest. Slow motion.


Golden Eagle flying away low over sagebrush and snow in the winter in Wyoming.

A golden eagle flying high and hovering over a snowcapped mountain range at sunset.

Golden Eagle flying through winter landscape in winter landing in snow on hillside as ravens are flying.

Golden Eagle gliding through the sky against the clouds in Wyoming soaring overhead.

Camera follow a golden eagle flying majestically in the mountains in the winter

Golden Eagle and raven perching on a branch at snowy winter day.


Golden Eagle flying away from the pine tree branch. Slow motion.

Golden Eagle running away from the carcass it is eating as it is to heavy to fly from eating so much.

Golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) perched on a tree at sunrise.


Golden Eagle taking flight from a telephone pole in the Utah desert flying in slow motion.

Golden Eagle flying over treetops through Jackson Canyon in winter moving down into the forest.

Eagle flying at rocks on background of blue sky. Creative. Eagle flies in sky near rocks. Beautiful Eagle flight in sky on sunny day

Large golden eagle see danger and fly away from prey at mountain at the winter


Golden Eagle taking flight from the ground to fly up hillside in Wyoming.

Golden Eagle pooping while it sits on a telephone pole as it lightens its load before preparing to fly.


Golden Eagle perched on a telephone pole as it watches in the distance in Utah.