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A garage door opens automatically.

cleaning out the garage

A garage door closes automatically.

A car repair service. Parked expensive cars

Kazan, Russia, 1 mart 2017, Car service work - yellow car drives to garage

Car repair service. Opening the garage door

Video of an empty garage, camera goes from close up image of the door towards the back of the room.

Car auto service - worker grinding metal construction with a circular saw

Cars parked in an underground parking garage

Panorama of motion camera in empty underground garage. Modern and luxury style footage for business and corporate template

Silhouette of man in garage in front of headlights -feet close up

mechanics with laptop in auto repair shop

Side view of professional Caucasian man using wheel alignment machine in repair shop. Confident male auto mechanic adjusting automobile parts. Equipment, adjustment, automobile industry.

Tool board with hand taking tools

Automobile service - mechanic wrapping working device under car bottom

Close up Car Engine Inspection And Service

Female young auto specialist opening the hood of the car for repairing or making inspection in car service. Car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - mechanic woman working at workshop.

Mechanic checks suspension at the car service station, suspension repair, vehicle pit, wheel alignment

UKRAINE, KIEV, JUNE 10, 2016: People at exhibition of electric cars. Charging device for electric cars

19. 04. 2019 - Kyiv, Ukraine. Young mechanic with dirty hands screwing screws under lifted car bottom.

Professional car mechanic working in modern auto repair service and walking around

The hand of an insurance agent or dealer throwing a coin into a piggy Bank on the background of toy cars. Concept: car insurance, repair, maintenance, lending, garage service cars

Garage Logo Reveal

Silhouette of Real Classic Luxury Vintage Car with Bright Headlights in Futuristic Garage with Neon Color. Vehicle Turned On Cool Headlights. Warm Smoke Comes From Under Hood of Car.

Car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - auto mechanic working at workshop

The tire in front of a service station with cars on the lift

KIEV, UKRAINE, MAY 31, 2011: Mechanic at auto service. Repair of motor vehicles in Kiev, Ukraine, May 31, 2011

Car service - red backlights of white auto in opposite of lifted automobile

Modern auto driving to luxury house. Closeup black jeep entering luxury garage. Rich auto parking near house.

KIEV, UKRAINE, MAY 31, 2011: Mechanic at auto service. Repair of motor vehicles in Kiev, Ukraine, May 31, 2011

Rotating shot of almost empty underground parking garage with just two cars there

driving plate of man backing from garage to driving in the street

Car service - engine for repairing in vehicle workshop

Handheld low angle shot of cheerful black female auto mechanic in gloves using tool and making repairs under hood of car in garage

Slow motion: Garage door slider / roller mechanisms roll the door closed

Medium shot of a father and son repairing a drone in a garage

A set of tools for repair - screwdriver, voltmeter, wrenches - car service

Handheld tracking shot of yellow rubber boots, tennis racquets, briefcases, toys and other items being sold at garage sale

Car service - mechanic unscrewing automobile parts while working under a lifted auto

Beautiful couple loading luggage in luxury car at garage. Cheerful woman and man taking suitcase in trunk. Family couple preparing vacation trip. Happy family packing baggage for auto journey

Mechanic checks part of cars in a garage workshop - auto service

Portrait Of Female Student Wearing Safety Glasses Studying For Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

auto service, repair, maintenance and people concept - mechanics with electric screwdriver fixing car brakes at workshop

Interior of a panel-beater or body shop with cars being repaired after motor vehicle accidents with tools and parts scattered on the floor

Auto mechanic on underside of car with blow torch and welding helmet as he works

Checkmark - Worker doing checking of a car parts in a garage workshop - extremely close up

Worker using industrial grinder on metal parts in industrial workshop warehouse

Worker in auto service is washing a car in the suds by water hoses