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"frustrated children africa"
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Portrait of upset preteen african girl with curly hair holding hands on head, expressing despair and frustration indoors. Emotionally stressed child looking with shocked and disappointed expression.

Sad frustrated Middle Eastern boy sitting on carpet at home thinking. Portrait of lonely depressed bullied child alone indoors. Childhood problems and depression concept.

Bored little girl in bedroom at home flipping through book pages

Bullied sad little girl in bedroom at home

Side view of two handsome modern teen boys which sitting on the carpet and emotionally playing video game on computer using joysticks

Hand rubbing angry boys head

Girl having difficulties preparing homework

Anger And Frustration For Father And Daughter Doing School Homework

Brothers Argue with Each Other

Young couple with child fighting over laptop

Boy in park playing on cell phone

Three adorable, young children, or siblings roll their eyes and look at the camera - slowmo handheld

Angry baby boy is playing, sitting at the home

Two sisters stand next to each other looking mad and angry and then walks away from the camera

Young sad business couple with child sitting over documents on sofa at home

Unhappy mother working at home. Tired woman looking computer. Exhausted woman freelancer. Portrait of disappointment mother thinking about work. Unsuccessful female career

Family posing for a photograph portrait in their modern kitchen with two pre teenage brothers one who is dancing around and misbehaving

Medium shot of audience getting frustrated after movie stopped playing in cinema

Fight Between Frustrated Father And Angry Daughter For School Homework

Medium shot of cinema audience complaining after movie stopped playing

Young boy crying near the swing, kid hurt himself. Outdoor recreation.

Two young brothers aged 10 - 12 smiling and being silly with their parents posing for a photograph portrait

Two sisters sitting on couch, little girl cries

Portrait of asian crying preteen looking at camera with sad face, 4K Slow motion of depressed asian child at home.

Bored Female Student Latina Girl In Class At School

Two young girls arguing and fighting behind their parents sitting on a sofa trying to watch television at home

Concept Of Frustration Fight Argument With Hispanic Boy Shouting

Medium shot of young woman sitting on couch and working remotely during pandemic, then getting frustrated and scolding little boy for drawing on one of her documents

Children have fun with working mom. Female freelancer multitasking at home. Kid interrupt working mother

Tired mother working on laptop at home. Boy interrupt busy mom. Stressed woman looking at laptop with kids on background

A father hands a marker to his crying frustrated tired young blond child boy in slow motion trying to console him.

Two sisters sitting on couch, older child playing, little girl offended and angry

Handheld shot of exhausted woman looking at documents and sighting in frustration, then throwing papers on table and leaning back on couch as her children running around and making noise

Sequence of shots of frustrated woman sitting on couch in living room and looking through business documents while her playful teen daughter and little boy playing and jumping on couch

Unplanned child. Close up young stressed woman sitting in the room while holding pregnancy test and feeling frustrated

Boy crying in boxing gym and sport trainer hugging him

Handheld shot of frustrated mother sitting on couch in living room and working remotely while her son and teenage daughter having fun and playing. She is typing on laptop and telling kids to be quiet

Asian boy in front of the homework in anger, Boy at home doing your homework with angry face at home .

Little dark-haired child in business suit sitting at table behind laptop in office tearing his hair in frustration and laying down on table tiredly.

Dolly into Asian boring boy doing homework at home.

Handheld shot of annoyed mother sitting on couch in living room and looking through documents while working remotely, then getting frustrated as her misbehaved children bothering her

Handheld shot of busy young woman sitting on couch and trying to work from home as her noisy children playing in living room. She is looking through documents and acting frustrated

Handheld shot of annoyed mother sitting on couch in living room and getting frustrated while working on laptop. Playful teenage girl and little boy playing and laughing

Little children, kids, baby, playing in kindergarten, school. Little girls, female friends playing with toys in preschool, child crying and screaming.

Friends Cheating During Test At School And Students Studying