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Frightened and stunned man watching a movie in the dark

Portrait of shocked african man watching horror movie in cinema. Closeup terrified afro male person looking back in dark movie theatre. African guy breathing deep in scary moments of film indoors.

Angry vampire in the dark


Abused frightened little boy crying as teenage girl calming down sibling indoors. Portrait of scared Caucasian brother and sister sitting on windowsill. Domestic violence and child abuse concept.

Clouds passing by moon at night. Full moon at night with cloud real time. Details on surface visible

Scared young woman running through forest

Digital 3D Animation of ugly Creatures

Scared diverse viewers watching horror in movie theater. Close-up of african american couple, young woman drinking soda and looking at screen, her bored boyfriend sleeping sweetly

Portrait of terrified young woman with hands tied up with rope, sitting in corner of dark rustic shed, biting nails, expressing helplessness, fear and hopelessness while being kidnapped by criminal.

Nervous Asian girl sitting at the airplane and covering ears with hands because of jet loud noise and fright

Portrait of amazed teenage boy. Shocked scared young with hand on face. People, emotion and facial expression concept.

Moving down gravel road in the dark. Lost walking on empty creepy road at night in the forest, alone and scared.

Scary shadows on a sleeping woman

The girl in a straw hat expresses emotions of fright to the camera.

portrait asian woman frightened. Afraid young girl standing in front of green tree outdoors. Her long black hair shine on the sun. Vietnamese female wearing in casual t-shirt smiling looking at the

zombie dance salsa, halloween, green background, animation

Evil Man In Red Scare

Close-up of confused scared boy standing in the smoky room holding head with hands sharply looking around. Concept of danger. Fire, flammability, non-compliance with safety rules

Close up portrait frightened teenage boy. Green screen hromakey background for keying.

Three young males being scared by a movie on the television. They fright while eating pop corn.

Scary Monster In The Basement

Empty airport waiting area near gate at Beijing airport. Asian airport with no people, due to virus scare, flights are all cancelled.


Crime scene creepy close up of tools 4k

Portrait of emotionally stressed cute elementary age african girl with curly hair holding hands on cheeks, screaming loudly with mouth wide opened, expressing shock, fear and scare indoors.


Slow motion of a team of IT developers running down the stairs to the bomb shelter due to the bombing during the war

Scared man hiding inside closet

Shocked horrified woman on grey background. Portrait of terrified mature female holding hands on head. Human expression of horror.

Eye of a scared man in the dark

Spiritual Game Ouija Board 4

Mischievous beautiful multiethnic female college students sneaking from behind and frightening chatting handsome male classmates, seated on green lawn while meeting at university campus.

Portrait of scared middle-aged business woman. Shocked worried woman on blurred background. Human expressions of fear.

young asian woman posing showing feeling of fear on blue background in studio. attractive millennial girl wearing white casual shirt looking at the camera

Real time side view of mystic dark night highway. Surreal incredible mysterious cinematic shot. Traffic in city lights.

caucasian guy with red hair showing emotion fright. handsome redheaded men wearing in casual t-shirt. Portrait ginger young caucasian man on grey background

Portrait of scared charming little girl in dark forest on Halloween night with lightnings flashing looking around. Frightened Caucasian child in darkness outdoors. Holiday and fears.

4K : Nervous little Asian girl covering ears with hands because of jet loud noise and fright


Witchcraft Spiritual Game Calling Souls Ouija Witch Board 4

Sexy man with a skull sits in a chair

Scared women watching horror movie in 3d glasses on television

Evil Man Attacks Through Television Screen

astonishment, confusion or fright and frustration on the face of a guy

Woman Wearing Scary Mask In Shop On Halloween


Witchcraft Spiritual Game Calling Souls Ouija Witch Board 2

Scared attractive mixed race teenager boy watching horror movie, drinking cola sitting on sofa at night in dark domestic room. Cute teen frozen with fear and captured by movie on TV screen

Formidable Monster Moves its Claws, Loop, Animation, Alpha Channel ,isolated

Frightened Caucasian blond girl hugging doll and looking out the window. Lonely child afraid of darkness holding the toy and waiting. Loneliness, fear, scare.

scarecrow. scare crow. mysterious dummy. spooky. horror. strange man


Tracking handheld shot of web developers while working in a bomb shelter during the war, hearing an explosion and a bomb attack nearby and running to the wall