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Young and sporty couple satisfied after great running workout outside on a sunny day

Sport man running in park on blue sky background. Male runner run in park at morning. Young man training run in slow motion. Cardio exercise at workout outdoor

A large group of fit and active people doing exercise in nature, stretching. Slow motion.

Slow motion: running woman. Runner is jogging in sunny bright light. Female fitness model training outside in the city on a quay. Sport lifestyle. Filmed at 240 fps.

fitness workout for rehabilitation after covid-19 disease, woman is running for training lung, jog and physical activity for restoring health, rear view of female figure outdoors in park

Beautiful young woman working out at home in living room, doing yoga or pilates exercise. Woman doing abdominal crunches.

Muscular topless young man doing weightlifting exercises in cross fit gym

People training, workout, doing exercise in gym and fitness club, sport and bodybuilding for wellness and well-being. Man, athlete working out as body-builder. Portrait

Beautiful young woman measures waist with meter to track progress after workout and fitness fat loss program. Fit model tries on oversize old jeans. Reach goal to look like magazine cover


Silhouette of female boarder sitting on SUP board in lotus pose against sunset and meditating. Relaxing and feeling nature harmony. Healthy lifestyle. Concept of recreation

Step aerobics exercise class - group of people exercising on steppers with the trainer.

Close up portrait of young african american sporty lady drinking water from sports bottle in public park, tracking shot

Group of people running on a field in sunset, slow motion

Boy spreads butter on bread while having lunch in the cafe, steadycam shot

An athlete woman warming up on training. Exercises for the spine. Putting her leg up

Athletic man and woman training in the gym together - doing hands exercises with dumbbells one at a time

Senior man drinking water after a work out 4k

Full length of a boxer training at boxing studio in gloves at loft studio

Woman running near sea, slow-mo. Slim lady on sunrise background. Resort advertisement sample.


Yogi woman practicing in studio decorated with ribbons, standing in Downward Facing Dog pose, doing exercises for feet, then bending knees to opposite elbow and ending sequence with Child pose

Unrecognizable Lady Showing Weight Loss Wearing Oversized Jeans, Blue Background


Yogi woman in sportswear sitting in Half Pigeon pose, raising arms, them bending forward into Sleeping Swan pose. Side view flexible female practicing in studio. Concept of healthy lifestyle

Personal fitness instructor explaining to sporty fit african american woman vertical knee raise exercise on dip machine at gym. Female athlete working out hip flexors and abdominal muscles on vkr.


Legs of woman wearing red leggings paddling on SUP board, safety strap attached to her ankle. Partial view of female athlete balancing on board. Healthy lifestyle and outdoor activity


Silhouette of woman meditating in lotus pose on SUP board on water at sunset. Back view female relaxing in nature. Paddle yoga. Concept of healthy lifestyle

happy woman with daughter doing yoga


Silhouette of woman relaxing on SUP board at sunset, paddle in her hands. Relaxing and meditating in quietness. Healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities. Concept of nature


Woman wearing red sportswear standing on SUP board and paddling on river at sunset. Back view active female doing sports in beautiful landscape. Healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities

bodybuilder is squatting with dumbbells in hands, strength training in home gym, keeping fit and healthy lifestyle

Close up of happy Caucasian young beautiful slim female in sportswear listening to music in headphones having fun singing, dancing and jumping at home in modern room. Leisure concept

Judokas training by doing a randori on the judo mat

Silhouette Of Sporty Boxing Guy. Guy On Sky Background. He Is In Nature.


Legs of woman paddling on SUP board on river at sunset. Partial view of active female enjoying water sports in beautiful landscape. Outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle. Concept of fitness


Female runner in sportswear jogging in autumn park in slow motion, shot from above. Back view of active person exercising in the morning. Concept of healthy lifestyle


Slow motion female runner wearing blue jacket and black leggings jogging on road, trees on sides. Following shot of woman exercising outside. Concept of healthy lifestyle

Coach and boxer practicing boxing in the gym


Fit woman in sportswear jogging on road with fallen leaves in slow motion. Partial view of active person training outside on autumn day. Concept of sport

Multitasking sporty fitness african american woman doing squats and browsing online on smart phone in loft apartment. Busy with cellphone fit attractive black female working out and squatting at home.


motivation for healthy lifestyle

Young fit African American catching breath after jogging on the forest road, turning and smiling into camera. 4K UHD

Young Sport Woman On The Beach

young woman running at sundown. attractive fit runner exercising alone in the evening. caucasian girl wearing hoodie enjoy healthy life. slow motion

Woman making plank flexing legs exercise in dynamic at home


Slow motion shot of a sportswoman training outdoors. Female athlete starts workout with warm-up exercise and doing torso rotations

African american man exercising with medicine ball in an empty urban building

From below view of young muscular man doing CrossFit jump rope exercise

Young man doing bicycle exercise on mat at home, super slow motion

Man doing arm and shoulder stretch exercise