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EU flag with alph background

Crowd of People on Street in Barcelona Spain 2

Willy Brandt Platz in downtown Frankfurt Germany

Shopping Street of Amsterdam, Crowds of People walking by Shops and Clothes Stor

Female news anchor reading the news in front of a European flag with a production team and camera man in the studio

Strasbourg, France. August 2019.The entrance to the modern seat of the European parliament. A row of flagpoles with the flags of the member states of the European Union welcomes those who enter. 25fps


Busy cycling lane with cyclists in Copenhagen. Unrecognisable blurred cyclists riding away during commuter rush hour

Aerial view of Bordeaux downtown, France.

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - MARCH 2014: People passing on the pedestrian street of the famous market called Baarija in capital Bosnian city.

Walking In Crowded European Street

euro sign. eu. european central bank. banking frankfurt.for editorial use only

View from the resort area from a drone. Clip. Clear blue sea with huge houses and recreation areas mountains are visible in the background.

Aerial View of two yachts near Ibiza, es Vedra and Vedranell islands. Drone footage of yachting in the Balearic islands. Unrecognizable people on yachts

Vienna, Austria, January 2018: Interior of Saint Stephen Cathedral, Popular Touristic Destination

Incredible Scenic Night View over Alexanderplatz and Berlin TV Tower at Night with traffic lights, Cinematic Aerial shot

2 Aerial View Of Vittoriano Monument In Rome Italy

European woman in formal attire walking near business center, observing surroundings and using smartphone. Contemporary lifestyle, stylish appearance. Daily routines, online presence, content creator.

Aerial Hungary Budapest June 2018 Sunrsise Mavic Air Aerial video of downtown Budapest in Hungary at sunrise.

Milan, Italy 31 December at 14:50. Via Dante full of tourists who visit the city awaiting the New Year celebrations. In the background the faade of the Sforza castle.

Close face shot of a bear ursus arctos syriacus in Montpellier zoo. Captive protected specie.

Building of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kyiv - Verkhovna Rada

Teenage Boy Chatting and Smiling on Smartphone at Home

Looking Through curtain of Apartment Window, Building Facade

Close-up: Professional businessman with beard and glasses, working on tablet

Trio of Flags Waving Outside Building in Spain

Drone footage of Batumi's Piazza Square and its clock tower, with an expansive view of the old city from above.


Green Screen chroma key on Smartphone phone in Barcelona city view, Spain, Travel with phone concept, application mock up. City street in

Cinematic aerial shot of authentic Lviv skyline, rooftops and spires of various church cathedrals, European architecture

Male hands signing papers. Businessmen's handshake near EU flags. Build a strong alliance. Step towards success.


Aerial hyper lapse shot of night city. Backwards fly above river surrounded by illuminated streets and buildings. Revealing Geneve lake with

aerial view of the Riga old town during sunset or sunrise

People Tourists Shopping Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Shops Stores Milano Italy

european central bank. euro sign. ecb. currency banking. editorial use only


Beautiful cottage. Action. View from the street to a large house with lights from lanterns.

Aerial Paris Notre Dame Cathedral Sunset 4K Video

View from the height on the historic city center and the Odra River. Stare Myasto, Wroclaw, Poland


Old castle ruins at green mountain forest aerial. nature landscape. Tourist landmark. European historical heritage. Cottages at valley

Aerial view of Expiatory Temple, Church, Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Picturesque cityscape, sunny day

Tourists at the Marienplatz street in Munich view in front of Town Hall. The Marienplatz is central square in the city centre of Munich, Germany.

Aerial Belgium Brussels June 2018 Night 30mm 4K Inspire 2 Prores Aerial video of Brussels Belgium downtown at night

KRK, CROATIA - MAY 4, 2013: Boats in harbour of old town Krk on May 4, 2013 in Krk, Croatia. The city is ancient, being among the oldest in the Adriatic, continuously inhabited since Roman times.

European Fans Celebrate Football & Pop Stars at Eurovision: Young People Embrace European Union

The British representative says about the consequences of Brexit for Britain and the EU


Aerial view of the Lido de Venezia island in Venice, Italy. The island between Venice and Adriatic sea.

4K European adult man sitting with laptop outside. Popular online blogger working outdoors. Side view lifestyle shot.

VENICE, ITALY - CIRCA MAY, 2017: View of Venice from a boat sailing along the Grand Canal, Italy, 4k


The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) in the forest.


Aerial View Of historic buildings in the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia - Establishing Shot