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Medics legs running down hospital corridor rolling gurney to emergency room close up. Unknown medical professionals hurrying clinic hallway steering stretchers for patient. Healthcare concept.

Heart Monitor EKG in Hospital


Doctors feet running down hospital corridor with gurney close up. Unknown medics team moving quickly to emergency room. Medical professionals pushing stretcher hurrying on operation. Health concept.

Closeup of a working heart rate monitor at a surgery room of a vet clinic.

Shot of Emergency room


The lacerated sutured wound of kid back head which suture by nylon suture about 3 stitches at the emergency room of the hospital, Medical care of the surgery lesion on the head, children of Accident

ICU patient with ECG monitor and IABC

Following dolly shot of emergency room doctor and nurses administering oxygen and IV fluids to patient while running and pushing gurney along hospital corridor

Dolly shot of group of multi-ethnic nurses pushing gurney with unresponsive patient along hospital corridor and listening to female doctor with clipboard giving instructions


Panning shot of clean white hospital bed in modern medical clinic indoors. Live camera moving left to right along comfortable furniture in hospital with no people. Service and health care concept.

Empty Hospital Emergency Room Dolly Track

Medical workers carrying patient on gurney running emergency room. Professional team rolling sick man down hospital corridor. Unknown doctor hands using resuscitator face mask to reanimation help.

Medical team checking heartbeat of sick woman during respiratory healthcare

Driving Up To Emergency Room At Hospital

Doctors and nurses rush a critically wounded patient on a stretcher


Wide shot two single beds on wheels in comfortable modern hospital indoors with no people. Cozy clean furniture in medical clinic for patient's care. Medicine concept.


Unknown doctors team running down hallway rolling gurney back view. Medical staff hurrying to hospital surgery in blue uniform. Professional medics carrying patient stretcher to emergency room doors.

Empty hospital ward with heart rate monitor and bed for healthcare and recovery. Nobody in emergency room with medical equipment for intensive care patient. Reanimation room with tools

Baby heart monitor in maternity ward of hospital


Single bed in modern hospital indoors with sunny window at background. Comfortable cozy furniture in medical clinic with no people. Health care and comfort concept.

EKG monitor operation

Medical Team Working On Patient In Emergency Room

Sick old man laying in hospital ward bed with cervical neck collar at medical facility. Elder patient sitting in intensive care room waiting for surgery diagnosis from doctor to start treatment

Top view following shot of unrecognizable male and female nurses and doctor with clipboard pushing gurney along corridor and ventilating unresponsive elderly patient

Back view of paramedics in protective suits using bag valve mask and IV bag while moving covid-19 patient on gurney to emergency room

Intensive care unit ward interior. Unconscious patient undergo clinic treatment. Unrecognized woman with oxygen mask resting in emergency room. Medical heartbeat monitor equipment in modern hospital.


Unmade bed with white clean bedding indoors in medical clinic ward. Live camera panning left to right along modern comfortable furniture in cozy hospital ward. Hygiene and medicine.

High angle dolly shot of ER nurses and female doctor pushing gurney along hospital corridor and administering oxygen and IV fluids to elderly patient

Nobody in emergency hospital ward at healthcare facility for intensive care and surgery recovery. Empty treatment room at clinic with medical equipment for problems, disease, illness

A mobile defibrillator and other emergency equipment sit with flashing lights

Ext establishing shot of a modern emergency room hospital tilt up during the day built in 2019

No heart rate on ECG monitor during surgery operation reanimation death, Electrocardiogram in hospital surgery operating emergency room, Heart rate monitor in hospital theater

Following shot of ER doctors in protective uniform running through hospital hallway and giving bag-valve-mask ventilation to covid-19 patient on gurney

Dolly shot of serious emergency room nurses administering oxygen and IV fluids to senior patient while pushing gurney along hospital corridor

Dolly shot of team of multi-ethnic nurses in scrubs pushing gurney with elderly patient along hospital corridor

Defibrillator Detail in Hospital

Doctor hands using stethoscope closeup. Unrecognized male therapist listening patient stomach checking symptoms in ward. Unknown child lying in hospital bed. Kid in pediatric clinic emergency room.

Empty hospital ward designed with medical equipment used as treatment for disease, illness, health problems. Intensive care room with medical tools, monitor, IV drip bag and oxygen tube

Closeup heart rate monitor device showing no vital signs in intensive care room. Modern medical device displaying invalid pulse blood pressure data in dark emergency room. Clinic equipment concept.

Modern hospital exterior establishing shot at night with a red emergency sign and with lights turning on and off in some of the hospital rooms - locked down


Doctor hands providing medical help senior patient hurrying to emergency room close up. Unknown medics team moving sick old man on gurney. Physician using resuscitator face mask ambu bag on way.

Er Nurse Working On A Coronavirus Patient Focus On Monitor

Emergency Room Lobby

Empty hospital emergency room with open doors. Abandoned bed in medical ward. Operating theater interior in intensive care unit with light breaking through entrance. Modern clinic facility concept.

Following dolly shot with tilt down of emergency room nurses administering oxygen and IV fluids to unresponsive patient and pushing gurney as female doctor giving instructions

Doctors And Nurses Standby For Covid 19 Patients

Dolly shot of team of professional ER medical personnel rushing critical elderly patient to surgery


Medical team rolling gurney transporting patient to emergency room. Multi ethnic medics professionals pushing stretcher on hospital corridor. Young doctors care about people health. Medicine concept.