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Focused elementary age children sitting at desks and listening to female teacher during art lesson in junior school. Diverse smart schoolkids hurrying to raise hands and answer teacher's question

Cute elementary age boy in glasses raising hand and answering teacher's question during lesson at school. Smart primary school students wanting good grades and hurrying to raise hands in classroom

Rear-view slowmo of elementary age siblings sitting on sofa in modern living room playing shooter video games winning level

Portrait of cheerful Caucasian boy of elementary age smiling and posing on camera at home

Group of happy multiethnic schoolchildren of elementary age hugging, looking at camera and smiling while posing together in the park

Slowmo of four diverse elementary age kids sitting on sofa in front of television together at leisure time

Smiling mixed race female driver of school bus waving goodbye to elementary age kids going to school. Diverse schoolboys and schoolgirls taking turns leaving yellow bus arriving to school

Worried loving pretty caucasian mother scolding two adorable elementary age mixed race daughters for misbehavior, parenting and teaching, being strict and determined while sitting at kitchen table.


Portrait of elementary age boy standing alone full of despair in abandoned hall. Depressed preteen schoolboy posing alone in empty staircase. Bullying victim feeling lonely in school. Stress concept.

Three preteen schoolboys stand laughing at yellow bus. Elementary age boys wait for schoolbus boarding close up. smiling pupils with backpacks having fun together near vehicle. Education concept.

Teacher Showing Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren Globe

Caring mom kissing cute little son and waving goodbye while letting elementary age schoolboy go to school for the first time. Preadolescent boy in glasses going to school doors leaving mother outdoor

Back view of elementary age schoolchildren rising from seats to get off school bus. Mixed race woman driver waving goodbye to diverse preadolescent kids leaving school bus and going to school


Mother sitting with baby boy and elementary age son at kitchen table and using laptop while working online during maternity leave

Cheerful middle aged grandparents and happy elementary age multiethnic children enjoying leisure together, watching comedy show on tv and laughing, expressing carefree mood and joy at home

Caring charming Asian woman child psychologist friendly chatting with cute elementary age African American girl, analyzing troublesome behaviors and mental health during therapy session at office.

Medium shot with rack focus of cheerful grandfather with grey hair laughing and talking with happy elementary age grandson

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren Sitting On Floor

PAN of happy elementary age boy laughing and chatting with happy grandparents sitting on sofa; cute girl sitting on laps of grandmother and smiling


Lonely teen schoolchild sitting alone on school staircase closeup. Unhappy schoolboy posing on stairs looking camera. Elementary age boy hide in empty dark hall. Social bullying victim concept.

Elementary age autistic boy stretching hand-made slime during inclusive master class for children with different disabilities. Kids with special needs spending time making slimes on their own

Rear view of diverse elementary age students pushing each other while getting on yellow school bus after lessons. Happy preadolescent schoolkids boarding school bus at the end of studies


Sad little boy walking empty modern school hall. Unhappy elementary age schoolboy feel depressed after conflict. Upset lonely teen child going on futuristic stairway. Loneliness in school concept.

PAN of happy grandmother laughing and chatting with cute elementary age girl sitting on her laps, then talking with unrecognizable grandson

Three elementary age schoolboys with backpacks walking along schoolyard before lessons. Other preadolescent pupils playing near school doors waiting outdoors for studies oto start

Talented little artist drawing picture on easel with paintbrush and colorful paints in domestic kitchen. Inspiring elementary age girl with pigtails writing painting, expressing imagination and ideas

Elementary Age Schoolchildren Sitting On Floor With Teacher

Waist up shot of three Caucasian kids of elementary age studying on laptop in classroom during speech and language therapy

High angle view of cute elementary age African American girl with curly hair lying on cozy couch, talking with Asian female child psychologist about mental health and problems during therapy session.

High-angle full shot of cheerful elementary age siblings playing with parents and grandparents in backyard splashing water with water guns having fun on hot summer day

Playful elementary age girl enjoying play with fluffy soft toys seated in row. Adorable preadolescent child talking to teddy puppies playing on carpet in bedroom

Inspired cute elementary age girl with general learning disability expressing creativity and imagination in artwork, painting sun on paper with paintbrush and paints with help of caring mom at home.

Low-angle full shot of cute elementary age siblings having fun with playful jack russell terrier dog in backyard on sunny summer day

Group Of Elementary Age Children Having School Lunch

Cute elementary age child watching cartoon on tablet in nursery together with golden retriever puppy. Sweet preschooler girl and her fluffy friend pet viewing video lying covered with blanket on bed

Close-up portrait of cute preadolescent schoolgirl attentively listening to teacher while sitting at desk in classroom. Curious elementary age students engaged in interesting lesson at primary school

Joyful cute elementary age schoolkids in friendly crowd boarding school bus opening doors for them. Happy diverse schoolchildren running into open doors of yellow bus after day of study

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren Learning To Tell Time

Charming blond Caucasian girl drawing with pencils sitting at the table in kindergarten or school. Portrait of happy elementary age schoolgirl painting picture and smiling. Childhood and education.

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class

Happy diverse preadolescent children hurrying to take places in school bus. Pretty asian woman driver waving hello to elementary age students getting on school bus after lessons

Rear view of cute creative elementary age girl in red beret drawing picture with colorful paints on easel in domestic interior. Inspiring little artist writing paintings with gouache and paintbrush.


Closeup lonely child face with deep sad eyes looking camera unhappily. Upset teen student posing in hallway alone standing near panorama window. Elementary age boy feeling loneliness despair in school

Loving caring attractive African American father and adorable elementary age son in eyeglasses talking, sharing and discussing storylines while enjoying leisure and reading comic book together.

Tilt up of happy grandparents sitting on sofa and spending time with elementary age grandchildren

Waist up slowmo shot of three elementary age kids doing exercises on speech therapy in classroom and their young female teacher helping them


Multi ethnic children boarding yellow school bus. Focused man driver inspect pupils. Energetic diverse elementary age schoolchildren going upstairs inside academic shuttle. Public education concept.

Medium shot of elementary age boy and happy grandparents playing with laughing baby girl