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Man working with wires in electric meter.

High voltage power line pylon

Close horizontal view of insulators attached over electric pillars at power station

Windmills for electric power production. Arctic View Havoygavelen windmill park, Havoysund, Northern Norway Aerial footage.


Electrical engineer with multimeter testing the operation of electrical equipment. Maintenance works to avoid electricity break

mans hand reaching for the light switch and turning it off 4k

Plugging and unplugging a power adapter.

Electrician installing energy system on machinery industry

Electric engineers repairing power lines

3d animation of battery charging

High voltage transmission pylon and sunlight. Electricity concept.


Electrical engineer with tablet computer writing down the data he getting from the inspection of electrical equipment at the plant

Tilting-up slowmo close-up of electrician in safety helmet installing electric panel at plant with digital tablet

macro of someone plugging in a USB cable to a charger

Close horizontal view of a large transformer at power station


Looping flight over futuristic circuit board. 3D animation loop of a computer motherboard with microchips, transistors and semiconductors. Moving shot inside of electronic device. Tech concept in 4k


Electrical engineer drawing a scheme of electrical circuit on the tablet during the inspection of electrical equipment

Hand puts a power plug in the wall socket

Battery charge animation, abstract graphic visualization of mobile devices rechargeable batteries being charged.

Aerial zoom shot of six electrical workers walking in between long rows of photovoltaic solar panels


repairing electrical works in industrial building, electrician is screwing electrical box to bar, connecting modern equipment

Electrician's hands installing energy system on machinery industry

Observing view of white corridor of operation center of solar power station with rows of electrical equipment


Plugging in Various Devices to an Electrical Power Strip

Clouds move by overhead power lines which create a grid of electrical transmission through high-voltage wires.

Communication signal towers with antennas.


electrician is working inside electrical panel in plant, breaking equipment, alarm flashing, dangerous voltage, worker is afraid

Close-up of hands of man screwing wires.

Windmills for electric power production. Arctic View Havoygavelen windmill park, Havoysund, Northern Norway Aerial footage.

Macro: Standard US 3 prong plug is inserted into outlet in surge protector

Hand operating vintage electrical equipment

Close view of an electric transformers at power station


Electrical technician inspecting the operation of equipment at the plant and checking readings on the multimeter

Wires plugged to the electric extension cable, wires on the floor, electrical equipment, electrical network

High Voltage Power Line Repair

Equipment or ventilation system outside the building supermarket or shopping mall

High voltage electric towers at sunset. Seamless Loop, 25 FPS.


Electrical engineer checking the operation of equipment at the plant and filling data using digital tablet

Transmission towers. Electricity pylons bearing the power supply across a rural landscape during sunset. Energy efficiency conception.

Installing a computer processor CPU. A technician connects a microprocessor to a motherboard. Replacing a computer processor CPU

City Employees Working On Power Line Maintenance

Hand turning on a light switch


laborer is repairing equipment in plant workshop, professional electrical engineer or locksmith, skilled worker

Engineer and foreman working at control room of a modern thermal power plant

From below back view of Korean man in overall and hardhat walking in corridor with electrical equipment of solar power station

An electrician puts an electric cable in a prefabricated building


master is installing electric box, connecting industrial equipment in plant premises, professional electrical engineer is working alone